What if Attack on Titan appeared in real life?

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Attack on Titan just ended the first season of Season 4, pushing the limits of Anime quality to a whole new level. There, the aspect of image quality and plot depth are exploited to the fullest extent, truly bringing a better experience for fans. It is because of this success that encroaching on the Live Action film segment, ie “Real people” seems to be a great development opportunity.


Only the Japanese studio did this a few years ago and received… a catastrophic failure. The superficial plot, poor acting, and substandard effects are the things that make the Live Action version so hated. That’s why fans are still looking forward to one day seeing the giant Titans walk in real life and show off their crazy power.

In fact, you can see these giant creatures in real life in the clip “VFX Artist Reveals TRUE Scale of Attack on Titan!” by Channel Corridor Crew perform. For those who don’t know, Corridor Crew is a sub Channel of Corridor Digitalgathers extremely talented technicians.

In this clip, Corridor Crew questions what it would be like if the Titans appeared in real life and if their sizes were exactly what the Anime depicts or not. Specifically, the Anime version as well as the Manga version Colossar Titan has a height of about 60m and the defense wall system of Paradis falls in the range of 50m. However, many scenes show that when compared to the size of human houses, this wall must be 4 times higher, equal to “The Wall” of Game of Thrones.


Colossar Titan is also shown with a height many times higher than the 60m figure. If compared with the correlation and surrounding context, this Titan must be as tall as Godzilla or Kong, which is about 120m. And yet, in the scene when Eren tries to stop the Colossar Titan, the anime shows Attack Titan Just as tall as the opponent’s ankle.

This is incorrect as the Attack Titan is 15m tall, which means it should be almost as tall as Colossar’s knees. However, Corridor Crew also believes that the author of Attack on Titan certainly understands this and in fact the contrast of proportions allows fans to feel the massive and terrifying Titan.

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