Leaked 15 brand new details of Black Panther – Opening movie for Avengers 3

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Black Panther – The next movie of Marvel serve as a premise for Avengers Infinity War, is coming very close to the hands of fans. Although it is only a rookie, this movie still attracts great attention, the premise for Avengers Infinity War to storm this year. And now this movie has revealed 15 brand new details that even suggest plots for the next Marvel movies..


Winter Soldier is still sleeping.. winter

We already knew the Winter Soldier allowed Black Panther to put himself into hibernation until Wakanda scientists found a way to neutralize the effects of brainwashing on the nervous system. It seems that throughout the length of the Black Panther movie, the Winter Soldier will remain in this state until Avengers Infinity War officially takes place.


Black Panther’s All-Women Special Forces

Despite being a rich king and a great warrior, Black Panther still has an extremely skilled royal bodyguard force named Dora Milaje. However, a special thing is that Dora Milaje only includes female members with the main leader being Okoye. In the upcoming film next February, Dora Milaje will play a very important role in the plot line.


Black Panther’s sister

Shuri – Black Panther’s 16-year-old sister, is in fact the head of the Wakanda scientific research group. That is why she is considered the most intelligent person in this powerful kingdom.


Wakanda hides under the outside eye

As we all know, Wakanda has a small area but is one of the richest countries and possesses the most advanced technology in the Marvel world. The outer shield of Wakanda not only acts as a defense against foreign invaders, but also acts as a camouflage covering the population from the curiosity of the world. However, this is not the only cover of Wakanda because this African country is also surrounded by different tribes, fooling the outside eye with images of customs and poverty..


How far is Wakanda’s technology?

In terms of time, Wakanda is about 20 to 25 years ahead of the world in terms of technology, but they never present themselves as a foreign empire with ambitions of world domination. In fact, in the early days, Wakanda’s leaders saw that possessing Vibranium would plunge their country into warlike turmoil. Therefore, it is extremely important to “hide” from the outside world. It is also because of this vision that Wakanda can develop very quickly because it does not spend too much money on building an army..


“Lost father and uncle”

Although Black Panther’s father is dead, he still has a link to the past. Yes, that is Zuri – a courtier of the previous king and now serves as an advisor to Black Panther. He is also the ruler of the Heart-Shaped Herb – a plant mutated by Vibranium that grants the user a variety of abilities such as super speed, strength, and senses. extreme – similar to the “super soldier” power of Captain America and the Winter Soldier.


The Watcher of Wakanda

One of the villains we see throughout the Black Panther trailers is Klaue – a character adapted from the villain Klaw in the comics. However, the image in the movie will be much different from the Comic version and Klaue’s background is also a pure mercenary. In fact, Klaue was one of the very few people who would normally witness the wonders of Wakanda with their own eyes and his knowledge would pose a direct threat to the country (continued).


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