Instructions to load the Army of Arms in the game Arena of Valor

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For the game League of Legends you need to load Scallops, then convert to RP points, while with Arena of Valor you load Military Huy to buy items, equipment and generals in the game. There are many ways to load Quan Huy, you can load through the web, iOS and Android phones. You are invited to join us on how to load Quan Huy in the article below:

Garena League of Legends Mobile for Android Garena League of Legends Mobile for iOS

Instructions on how to load Military Command in Mobile League

Load the card on the Web

Access the Garena card loading page, select Arena of Valor game, then click on the word Log in in the top right corner to login to your Garena account.

Load the card

In Login dashboard, there will be 2 options to log in with your Garena or Facebook account. Want to login in any form just click on it.

Log in

Enter your username and password, then tap log in now is to be.

Enter your login information

Here, you choose the desired form of payment via: Garena Card, AirPay E-Wallet, Viettel phone card, Internet Banking service.

Load the card

Loaded on iOS devices

For iOS devices, you will have a price list of Quan Huyen in USD. Just select the number of Troops you want to load, then log in to your account iTunes for payment, similar to when paying for other services.

Army coat of arms

Loaded on Android device

At interface The lobby of the game Arena of Valor, click Quan Huy loading icon [+] upper right corner of the game screen.

Army coat of arms

Immediately after that appeared Channel loaded, with 2 options: Loaded in game and loaded page. If you don’t see the button Load PageQuan Huy can be loaded by loading a card on the web.

Page loaded

Also when choosing Loaded in the game A window will appear to choose your carrier, you can choose your desired payment method.

Choose your carrier

Load the card on Garena Mobile

In addition, there is an additional way to load Quan Huy through Garena Mobile, but only applies to the Android operating system. If you do not have Garena Mobile, you can download the application here:

Garena for Android Garena for iOS

After installing Garena Mobile on your Android device, tap Garea iconThen log in with your existing Garena account or log in through Facebook.

GarenaLog in to Garena

Then, select the game Arena of valor, then press the button Load the card at the bottom corner of the interface (as shown below) to load the card.

Select game Lien Quan MobileCard loading box

So, you already know how to load the Army Command to buy rare items, equipment as well as generals in Arena of Valor game!

Wish you all success!

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