The secret to playing Chess Caro always wins

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Caro flag is a game of wisdom associated with each of us from the time we were in school, everyone must be familiar with the letter X or O in the game. The two sides take turns to tick the squares on the board, to form a 5-piece line in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row to win.

The winner is the person who creates the first 5 row, the rules of the Caro Chess game are quite simple, but equally attractive. However, to win you need to create dangerous and poisonous moves to play hard against the opponent, you will have to use your tactics and experience very skillfully.

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It sounds simple, but to win is not easy at all, it requires you to practice, apply your own tactics, choose carefully the area to deploy the chess pieces to your advantage, the best. should hit from the center to avoid a situation where there is a lack of space, as well as avoid the opponent from cornering you. So today, I will introduce to you some tips to play Caro Chess that always wins, please follow along in the article below:

Some tips for playing Caro Chess always wins

Active attack:

Always actively attack the opponent, do not let them put themselves in a new position to find ways to resist. Examine the opponent’s moves to actively block the moves that are about to form. If in the move you are hitting first, then rush to attack so that the opponent does not have a chance to attack you, trying to pull the country to create many stakes that make the opponent not able to return.

Cross attack:

First encircle the outer area, then connect the unit from afar, and then continue to make 4 consecutive moves. But the opponent does not let you easily win, they will block the pieces inside to interrupt their way, so make sure the outer ring is strong enough to win.

Cross attack in the Caro Flag

Distract the opponent:

To distract the enemy you should hit horizontally, alternate vertical and slightly apart, at this time the enemy will be engrossed in the maze drawn by you, then use the cross attack. Make sure the opponent is vulnerable this way “eat bullets” Best.

Joins together:

First surround the ring, then connect the units together, trying to create a siege strong enough for the enemy to not break. Do not be engrossed in making 4 consecutive moves or 3 consecutive moves, but forget to destroy the opponent’s move. Just a little absentminded you lose immediately.

Joins together in Caro Chess

Dissolve the opponent’s idea of ​​the association:

Pay attention to immediately block the opponent’s intent to link, every time you see the enemy has one of the following signs, you need to have a timely attack plan:

  • There are 3 straight moves that have not been blocked yet: Hit the two ends of the sequence, it is best to block the side closest to your move, to make more moves for yourself.
  • There is a row of 4 moves that block 1 head: Hit the other head.
  • There is a row of 4 countries that are not blocked, but separated by a blank cell: Check the box that separates.
  • Hit any 1 empty box to create 2 rows with 3 straight moves, or make 4 consecutive moves: Think, calculate carefully to stop the opponent, this move is difficult, so you have to improvise

Discharge the opponent's link

Always go in a double move:

Always try to make a double move so that the opponent cannot block them all, you will quickly win.

Please apply the above methods to your gameplay to quickly win against the opponent. In addition, play a lot will also help you improve your skills significantly!

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