How to play the game EverWing, the game shoot flies is causing storms Facebook

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The airplane shooting game EverWing is attracting a large number of players, with quite simple gameplay and can be played directly on Facebook Messenger on the web, phone, tablet.

So what are you waiting for, let’s play EverWing now to compete with your friends on Facebook, invite you to follow the basic EverWing gaming guide in the article below:

How to play the game EverWing on Facebook Messenger

Step 1: Access to EverWing to play the plane shooting game that is causing fever on Facebook social network. Immediately the system will ask you to login Facebook Messenger, press Continue as …. To confirm.


Step 2: At the Facebook Messenger interface you will see EverWing texting, click the button Begin.

Start playing

Step 3: Continue to click 3 dash icon next to the message input field, then select Play.

Play EverWing

Step 4: Press the button Play now to play this interesting shooting game.

Play EverWing now

Step 5: EverWing game has quite simple gameplay, you just need to drag the mouse to the left, to the right to be, the system will automatically shoot for you.

Hover to play game

Step 6: You can invite friends to play EverWing to compete for scores.

Invite friends to play game EverWing

Step 7: Your mission is to destroy the flying monsters before they plunge into you, sometimes there will be birds flying at you with dizzying speed, if you cannot destroy it, you must dodge it. Don’t forget to collect gold coins to upgrade weapons.

Play game EverWing

Step 8: Before the end of a game screen you will have to destroy the Boss, the more powerful the Bos is. In addition, you must also pay attention to the monster in the armor that floats in the air. Destroy them to earn diamonds and gold cups.

Destroy the Boss

Step 9: When leveling up, a dialog box will appear poor, with the amount of gold reward, click Okay! to continue playing.

Level Up

Step 10: EverWing also provides you with a dragon egg system.

Dragon eggs

Step 11: After that, dragon eggs will turn dragons, increasing your strength. You will have the task of training and upgrading dragons to make them stronger and stronger.


More interesting, the game shoot aircraft EverWing also features rankings, for everyone to show their talents together, race their strength.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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