Instructions for installing and playing the Dragon Boy game

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Dragon Boy Online is a role-playing game that is loved by many young people. Join the game, you will be transformed into famous characters in the comic book 7 Dragon Ball, together against the dark forces.

So what are you waiting for, download the Dragon Boy to your computer to experience it right away. Please refer to the article below to know how to install this game:

How to install and play the game Dragon Boy Online

Step 1: Download the Dragon Boy game from the download link above to the computer. Then, unzip the game by 7-Zip or WinRAR.

Unzip the Dragon Boy game

Step 2: After extracting, you just need to double click on the file DragonBoy138 to open the Dragon Boy game.

Open the Dragon Boy game

Step 3: Press the button Download the data to download game data Dragon Boy Online. How fast or slow the download process depends on the speed of your internet network.

Download data game Dragon boy

Step 4: Here, you can choose the server, change account or play a new one.

Play the Dragon Boy game

Step 5: If click the button New playYou will have to create character. Please name your character in the box, then select the class:

  • Earth: Represented by Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha. Suffering pain, hard work, stronger when going in groups
  • Male: The representatives are Snail, Pocollo and Kami. An amazing ability to regenerate and support teammates.
  • Xayda: Represented by Canada, Radar and Kakalot. Possesses incredible power when fighting alone

Then, press the button Create new.

Create a character in the dragon boy game

Step 6: Press the button Continue to join the Dragon Ball world.

Introduction Game Dragon boy

Step 7: Now, you just need to click where you want to go, left click to select, double click on the object to interact. Move to Mr. Goohan’s house, double click on chat with him to get the task done.

Interface Game Dragon boy

Step 8: Complete the assigned missions to quickly level up your friends. Magic beans will help you restore HP and KI when weak.

Open the chest

Video instructions to install and play the game Dragon boy

Please work hard on the mission to get a lot of gold and dragon balls. If you love the comic book 7 Ball Dragon, you can refer to the following games: Dragon Ball Arcade, Dragon Ball Z Budokai X, Dragon Ball Dress Up

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