League of Legends: The new Volibear changes – Appearance, skill set and outfit

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Volibear – The most anticipated name in recent League of Legends updates and is about to officially be released in version 10.11. With an extremely “cool” and powerful new look, as well as a completely powerful reworked skill set, even stun the tower promises to bring real storms in League of Legends. .


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New appearance

At first glance, the new Volibear looks a lot more ferocious, has removed quite a bit of armor and has a fixed face. This change is quite suitable for the coat and hair, giving the Volibear a more wild feel. Not only that, the new Volibear also looks more fierce and scary, giving players the feeling of controlling a real supernatural force. The old skins for the Volibear have all been completely reworked and matched with this bear’s new look.

New and old volibear
New and old volibear

Some new Volibear skins

Skin 1

Skin 2

Skin 3

Skin 4

Skin 5

Skin 6

Volibear’s new skill set


Volibear’s attack and ability will increase attack speed and eventually the attack will deal additional magic damage to surrounding enemies.


Volibear gains movement speed when running towards the enemy, stunning and damaging on the next attack.

Skill Q


Volibear damages enemies, applies attack effects, and marks them. Casting this ability again on a marked target will deal bonus damage and healVolibear.

Skill W

Volibear summons lightning storms to a target area, damaging and slowing enemies. If you stay in that area, Volibear will receive a shield.

Skill E


Volibear leaps into a target area, slowing and damaging enemies and increasing healing speed. Enemy turrets near the Volibear jump down will be temporarily disabled.

Skill R

Whether the Riot brings back this “Electric Bear” more often in the match, let’s wait and see together!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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