Instructions to enter the game Giftcode Bang Bang 2

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Bang Bang 2 has officially launched, bringing a lot of interesting Giftcodes to gamers. Just go to the homepage BangBang 2, click the Giftcode button on the right to receive gifts, even on the Fanpage there are many exciting events to receive the Code. When receiving a Giftcode, quickly follow the article below to redeem your gift:

Bang Bang 2

Instructions to enter Giftcode to redeem gifts in Bang Bang 2 game

Step 1: At the main interface of the game Bang Bang 2, click the button Redeem Gifts.

Redeem gifts

Step 2: Display Reward Redemption appears, select the content of the Code you currently have, then click the button Receiving gifts.

Receiving gifts

Step 3: Enter the Giftcode you currently own in the box, then press OK. The gift will be immediately saved in the Warehouse.


  • Each Giftcode can only be used once.
  • Each account, character only uses the Giftcode type 1 time only.

Enter GiftCode

These attractive gifts will help you join the journey to conquer Bang Bang 2 more easily. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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