Use Cheat Engine to increase moves in Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga is one 10 best games of all time and also one of the most popular mobile games today. The following article will guide you through a little trick to be able to pass all the levels in this sweet candy game. That is to use the Cheat Engine game support software, specifically, we will use the Cheat Engine to get more moves in Candy Crush Saga and increase Candy’s score arbitrarily.

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Moves are the most important factor while playing Candy Crush Saga. Because with each level of play, we will have a limited number of turns, but still have to complete all requirements of that level.

More moves (Move) in Candy Crush Saga using Cheat Engine

Everyone knows Cheat Engine is the best game support tool today. Therefore, in addition to having the game installed, most players also Install Cheat Engine on the computer to change the game parameters, to help play better, with Candy Crush Saga too. The implementation is quite similar to using Cheat Engine to earn gold in the game Plants vs Zombies.

However, the difference here is that we will play Candy Crush Saga through social networks Facebook (web format, not installers like PvZ). And if you have used Cheat Engine before, you will know, with each tab or even each operation done in the browser, will create a process, these processes are recognized by Cheat Engine, so it will be very difficult for you to recognize. out where we need it.

In this article, the writer personally will share with you a little tip to find out the Facebook Process playing Candy Crush Saga that you can apply later, with any browser or program.

Step 1: First, you start up the Cheat Engine software. But note, you can start the browser you are using (before or after it doesn’t matter), as long as you don’t sign in. Facebook account I’m in a hurry.

From the first interface of Cheat Engine, left mouse button on the computer icon which is a flashing square.

Main interface

The Process list appears. As you can see, there are a lot of processes Chrome In this, each process is a tab, an action that you have performed. If you open Facebook and enter the game, you won’t be able to recognize it in this list. As in the picture below, the last action I do is start Cheat Engine, so its process will be at the bottom.

Process list
Cheat Engine will record the last process performed

Step 2: You log into your Facebook account, search game Candy Crush Saga in the search bar, left-click on the game in the results shown below.

Search game

Select item Continue as (your Facebook name) to enter the game.


Step 3: Go back to the Process List of Cheat Engine, you can see below the item Cheatengine-x86_64.exe are 3 other Chrome processes, left mouse button on the last one (process 00001214-chrome.exe) already Open.

Select the last item because it is the game process Candy Crush Saga

The operation is successful, the main interface of Cheat Engine will look like this.

Chrome 1214

If you have any questions, the writer can explain as follows:

Initially Cheatengine was the bottom process (the last one performed), but when using Chrome you made three new actions, corresponding to three processes added below the cheatengine, that is:

  • Opens a new Chrome tab.
  • Search for Candy Crush Saga.
  • Click on the game to play.

That means the last process is the gaming interface. Also, if you are free and have a few tabs open, you can try each process until it succeeds.

This is the interface game Candy Crush Saga has been playing badly on Facebook, we will try to add moves (Moves) for this game. You see the index moves is now 8, enter it into Cheat Engine.

Water moves

Step 4: You click the move you currently have in the frame Value, choose First Scan. At this point next to (left) will appear a very long list as below.


Step 5: Go back to gaming, please changes the number of moves before that into another one.

Continue to play the game

Then re-fill it in the frame Value in Cheat Engine / Next Scan.

Next Scan

The new interface will be in the form below, list of Address is also shortened and only as below.

The Address list will display the number of new moves


  • Maybe the number of Addresses is different, so you just need to observe the numbers in it, if it corresponds to both the First Scan and Next Scan you enter, it is fine.

Step 6: Highlight all existing Addresses, left-click red mouse pointer icon below to show their respective values ​​in Advanced Options.

Advanced Options

Step 7: Double click the left mouse button on the values ​​in the column Value. Please note, it is imperative to click the mouse at the value position (number 5) of each item, change the value in it to the number you want. OK.

Change the parameters
Change it to the number you want

If the click is not in the correct position, the table of values ​​above will still appear, but the changed value will have no effect. After changing all 5 items, you will see two columns of values ​​on the Cheat Engine, which are the number of new and old moves of the game.


Now back in the game, you will see that the number of moves in the game has been changed accordingly.

Successfully changed the number of moves of the game

Change score in Candy Crush Saga with Cheat Engine

In addition to changing the number of moves, Cheat Engine can also change the player’s score to any number. Imagine you have only played a few days, but your scores compared to your friends are so high, top and definitely very powerful when they admire them.

Step 1: You also enter the current score of the game into Cheat Engine and select First Scan.

Change number
Enter the current score

List Address appear.

First scan

Step 2: Continue to play the game to change the score.

New point

Enter the new score and Next Scan. Then do the same thing when increasing moves:

  • Highlight the entire Address value.
  • Left mouse button on red pointer icon.
  • Change the value in Value.

Enter a new score and do the same as above

This is one of these Tips for playing Candy Crush Saga Very good and useful that you should not ignore and Cheat Engine also has the ability to change parameters of many other games such as:

In general, this is just a game support tool, you should not abuse the Cheat Engine because it will lose the competitiveness and appeal of the game.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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