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Similar to Ngao Kiem Vo Song 2, Ngao Kiem Vo Song 2 also has its own shortcut system for players to approach the target more quickly. At the same time, you can also customize the keyboard shortcuts to your liking for easy remembering, easy-to-do, helping to save significantly when fighting.

Unbelievable Sword 2

Summary of shortcut to play game Ngao Kiem Vo Song 2

Frequently used interface shortcuts

  • F1 (C): Interface character properties.
  • F2 (B): Luggage interface.
  • F3 (V): Martial arts interface.
  • F4 (Q): Mission interface.
  • F5 (Alt + F): Friendly interface.
  • F6 (O): Guild interface.
  • F7 (Alt + J): Interface life skills.
  • F8 (R): Auction goods.
  • F12: Handbook.
  • F11: See.
  • Shift + H: Change the display format.
  • S: Teacher.

Frequently used feature shortcuts

  • I (E): Open the mailbox.
  • MT): Get on / off horse.
  • V (D): Meditate / stand.
  • P: Team Interface.
  • Tab (Alt + M): World map.
  • F: Auto combat.
  • Ctrl + F (Ctrl + Z): Automatic combat settings.
  • Ctrl + H: Change form of PK.
  • “: Open warnings.
  • Ctrl + G: Ky Tran The.
  • Q: Cuong Hoa.
  • Ctrl + T: Director.
  • Ctrl + R: Change the form of PVP.
  • J: Welfare.

Other keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Tab: Change interface appearance.
  • Delete: Delete chat box.
  • Print Screen SysRq: Screen capture.
  • Space: Automatically pick up items.
  • Alt + X: About login.
  • Alt + Q: Quit game.

In addition, you can customize the shortcut Ngao Kiem Vo Song 2 as you like by: Press the key ESC To enter the shortcut settings interface, select the item Shortcut settings to set up your own keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut settings

At interface Shortcut settingsYou can unleash your own custom shortcuts.

Shortcut keys Ngao Sword Vo Song 2

With the above shortcuts will help you play Ngao Kiem Vo Song 2 more effectively, saving significantly time during the game. In addition, during the game, if an error arises, you can refer to the following article:

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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