How to create a space in the PUBG name

Đặt tên PUBG có khoảng trống

Add a space in the name of PUBG Mobile not too complicated. Below are 3 naming PUBG Mobile has white space.

Naming PUBG has spaces

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Some PUBG Mobile players have failed to add special symbols to their nicknames because they are often rated as invalid characters, even if they want to enter it with a space. If that’s the case, you can apply one of the PUBG Mobile naming ways with the spaces below

Add a space with the character Ī

Space characters on PUBG Mobile
  1. Select the item to rename PUBG Mobile.
  2. Write down the name of the character you want in the respective field until where you want to add space.
  3. Now type the character Ī by holding I on the phone keypad and hold it for a while, then a blank appears. Example: RĪAĪHĪUĪL will become RAHU L. This is the easiest way to create blank symbols on PUBG Mobile.

Copy spaces from other players’ names

Name PUBG well

This is the traditional but effective PUBG Mobile naming method. You can easily find a lot of gamers named with spaces in between letters when playing PUBG Mobile. If they are not on your friends list, you should send them a friend invitation so you can access their profile later. You can also copy the leader of the leader board name like this:

  1. Open the section Ranking in PUBG Mobile.
  2. Scroll down to find a leader with a space symbol.
  3. Select players and view related profile information.
  4. Copy the person’s nickname.
  5. Select the rename entry and paste the text in the corresponding field.
  6. Edit the name, but keep the space symbol as it is. If you are not going to delete it, you must paste the copied text again to extract the space characters again.
  7. Check the name carefully before confirming the change. You will no longer see the error Name contains invalid characters.

Create white space symbols from a web or third-party app

This is how to name PUBG Mobile with a space quite popular. Not only that, the third-party websites or software also provide you with thousands of other special icons & characters.

You can see detailed instructions: How to rename characters with PUBG Mobile special characters on

Above are some how to name PUBG Mobile with a space. Hope the article is useful to you.

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