New features in FIFA Online 4 you may not know

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FIFA Online 4 is the latest football management game released by Garena, owns the latest engine platform of FIFA 17 to bring top football matches. FIFA Online 4 will have quite a lot of differences compared to FIFA Online 3 that not everyone knows, invite you to the same point through 9 attractive new features below to better understand:

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9 features you may not know about in FIFA Online 4

Buy Order

For those who have played Counter-Strike: Global, buying and selling things on Steam is no stranger to this Buy Order bargaining feature. The way to use is quite simple, just click the Buy Order button, enter the desired price to own that player. If you cancel your wish, 100% of the BP spent will be refunded.

Buy Order

Pay the player’s salary

Each player in FIFA Online 4 requires a specific salary, which is displayed directly below the display of the player’s card. There are 5 highest-paid players in FIFA Online 4: C. Ronaldo, L. Messi, L. Suarez, Neymar and R. Lewandowski.

Player price push

Buy Order feature is quite attractive, but also a relatively painful problem in FIFA Online 4. When you bid for a player at a maximum price but no one sells, the price will automatically increase, meaning you do not cost any BP and still push the player’s price up.

Player price push

Move 360 ​​degrees with the left rotation lever

FIFA Online gamers can use the controller instead of the keyboard, providing a more enjoyable experience. At the same time, FFO 4 also supports vibration mode when there is a foul situation, hitting the vertical column or the crossbar.

Squeeze the card

Squeezing is the most anticipated feature in FIFA Online 4, you only need to use 1 main player and a lot of “junk” players to upgrade your players. There will be 5 milestones to evaluate the success of the squeeze process and the plus card level will be added with an extremely large index:

  • +1 – OVR default
  • +2 – OVR +1
  • +3 – OVR +2
  • +4 – OVR +4
  • +5 – OVR +6
  • +6 – OVR +8
  • +7 – OVR + 11
  • +8 – OVR +15
  • +9 – OVR + 19
  • +10 – OVR + 24

Head coach

Each head coach will have its own optimal tactical map, when using that head coach’s diagrams, your squad will be buffed. For example, Mauricio Pochettino has 2 optimal schemes of 4-4-2 and 4-1-4-1.

Head coach

Season card

FIFA Online 4 has 2 types of season cards: club season card and national team’s season card. The stats set for the 2 cards this season are quite similar.

Player trends

In FIFA Online 4 there will be 6 types of player trends as follows:

  • Public trend: Maximum of 3, minimum of 1.
  • Player trends: Maximum of 3, minimum of 1.
  • Attacking Runs: Maximum of 3, minimum of 0.
  • Defensive Pressing: Maximum of 2, minimum of 0.
  • Interceptions: Maximum of 2, minimum of 0.
  • Support Runs: Maximum of 2, minimum of 0.

Player trends

SoundTrack (Background Music)

Currently, FIFA Online 4 brings 4 background music tracks:

  • Fall 4 me – MIDNIGHT TRIP
  • Jump To The Light – THE KOXX

Hopefully the above article will help you somewhat better understand this top-notch FIFA Online 4 football game. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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