Instructions to download and install the game Dragon Raja – Graphic Super Product 2020

dragon raja

Dragon Raja – Mobile game graphics with the most advanced Unreal Engine technology has just been released with the Global version. However, in some countries such as Vietnam and the SEA region, players are still unable to download because the game does not support these regions. In this article, will guide you how to download and install Dragon Raja on the most simple and fast platforms.

dragon raja

Download Dragon Raja on mobile

1. Direct download

The first way, of course, is to download the official game from the Apple Store or Play Store. However, at the moment, players in Vietnam are not supported.

Download Dragon Raja for Android Download Dragon Raja for iOS

2. Download via Tap Tap

Currently, this is the easiest way to download Dragon Raja without having to fake VPN or roaming Google Play to another country.

First, you can access Then press the button Install as shown below. Note that you need to have the Tap Tap app on your Android phone to proceed with the installation. If not, you can refer to the tutorial Tap Tap application installation.

Android tap tap

After pressing InstallThe system will automatically download the file and install the game if the Tap Tap app is available on the phone. If the system does not download it by itself, you can download it manually by typing the game name into the search, then clicking on the install button as shown below. Note typing the correct game name to find, avoid the wrong download, guys.

Android tap tap

Download Dragon Raja on PC through an emulator

Download Dragon Raja

Currently on your PC you can use the LDPlayer emulator to play the game smoothly and gently. With other emulators you can also do the same in the way below to download the game.

How to download this is like the way to download for Android above is to use Tap Tap. Except that you need to open your browser on your emulator to access the game download page.

To open a browser on LDplayer, select the section System Apps in the main window.


The child items will appear, click to select Browser. Now visit the page and follow the instructions like download game for Android above.


After the installation is complete, the game icon will appear on the main screen, click to start playing.


Wish you all success!

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