How to download and install Hago on a computer

Hago is the application that gathers many of the hottest game genres on mobile and connects you with online players around the world, in addition to the main tool of gaming, Hago also allows you to chat, make friends and challenge. wake them up to compete. Take the challenge from another player or you can go to challenge any player you want.

Games in Hago Game belong to many different genres, such as action, intelligence, fun games … All have very interesting and attractive features, simple gameplay and highly competitive if play with another player. Each game has a maximum playing time of only 3 minutes, you can play online at any time and only need to be online to play.

Currently Hago is only supporting Android and iOS, if players like to participate in Hago without being interrupted when the battery life on mobile devices, then you can use Hago on PC with the Android emulator NoxPlayer. For details on installing Hago on your computer, please follow the steps in the article below.

Hago for iOSHago for Android

Instructions to download and install Hago on your computer

Step 1: If you do not have NoxPlayer emulator, then install it on your computer, how to install NoxPlayer you can see in the article. Instructions to install NoxPlayer on your computer.

NoxPlayer NoxPlayer for macOS

After the installation of NoxPlayer is complete and log in with your Google account to the emulator, click Play Store.


Then type the search keyword Hago on the search bar, when you see the suggestion with the Hago icon as shown below, click on it.

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Step 3: Next press Install to install Hago.


Click Next Accept to accept Hago’s access to the system on the machine,


Wait a moment for Hago to download, the game is quite lightweight so you won’t have to wait long.


Step 4: When the download is finished, click Open to open Hago, or select the Hago icon on the home screen.


Step 5: NoxPlayer interface will be narrowed down like on the phone, you can sign up for an account to log into Hago or most conveniently log in with your account. Facebook or Gmail.

See two more articles How to create a Facebook account and Instructions to sign up for a Gmail account If you do not have an account for both services.


Once logged into your account in Hago, select your date of birth and click Confirm.


Next is to choose a gender and click Done.


You will be transferred to the interface of Hago, where there will be a few games available on the screen for you to choose to play, these games are general games, so when you click on you will get system the system chooses a competitor to play with.

The Minigames here, all have different controls and very simple gameplay, you can play without any instructions, for example the game. Sheep Fight with the task of using your flock of sheep to overwhelm the opponent’s flock of sheep, either Fun Link is a game of linking colored blocks together.


There are also games where the user will have common goals, whoever achieves the first goal is the winner, the Grab Coin game is an example.

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And there are also games for you to release stress alone, these are also simple and easy to play.


In addition, to actively make friends or create challenges with other players, you can join the section Discover in the main screen, which has a lot of players that you can choose by gender Male or Female.


Plus, if you want to play with your friends on social networking apps like Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp… Or on your contact list invite them to play.


Above is a guide to install Hago game on your computer, with the help of the NoxPlayer emulator, you will no longer have to worry about the amount of time used on Hago with your friends, if you are bored with light games. On Hago, you can switch to a more attractive action genre that is PUBG Mobile.

This game is currently participating by a lot of gamers, both on mobile platforms and on PC, just like Hago, you can install PUBG Mobile on your computer through the article. Instructions to install PUBG Mobile on your computer.

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