Genshin Impact: Everything you need to know about birthday rewards

Genshin Impact will celebrate the day you and other characters greeted with exciting gifts. Would you like to know what birthday gifts you will receive in Genshin Impact? Let’s find out with!

Birthday gifts to Genshin Impact

Birthday present in the game Genshin Impact

How Genshin Impact congratulates player and character birthdays

Birthday cake in Genshin Impact

Every character in Genshin Impact has their own birthday. Most have birthdays already, but, for the main characters, you can manually choose the desired date. You can provide the actual date of birth for Genshin Impact Or choose tomorrow if you want to receive gifts at the earliest.

When your birthday comes, you will receive a message in the Mail with the gift. The gift is a Cake for Traveler. Open it, you will get 2 Fragile Resin. Each will help you to restore the original 60 Resin. Original Resin is used to receive rewards from Abyssal Domains, Leyline Blossoms and some bosses. You do not need to request this item on your birthday but it will expire if you do not confirm it within one year.

Birthday entry in Genshin Impact

In addition to the birthday cake, you also have the opportunity to unlock the greetings from your character. They are located in the character profile in Voice-Over. When you click on them, each character will celebrate your birthday in their own special way. Although congratulations can only be received from existing characters, this feature is valid from a time in the past, so the character you unlock after the first birthday in the game will also send greetings to you.

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The rewards you get for the birthdays of other Genshin Impact characters

Mailbox in Genshin Impact

In addition to the player’s own birthday gift, Genshin Impact also gives items on the birthday of each character in the game. You will receive them in the Mail section. Xingqui’s first birthday on October 9, includes wishes, a dish, Countyside Delicacy, 3 energy upgrade materials, Ballad instructions. You have 30 days to receive this gift. They can help you customize the character more deeply.

Customize your birthday in Genshin Impact

The birthdays of each character in Genshin Impact

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