How to upgrade players in the game FIFA Online 3

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For football enthusiasts and hobbyists playing games, FIFA Online 3 (FO3) is an indispensable dish in the spare time. A tactical role-playing game that simulates soccer matches with the main goal of how players must make their team stronger, more professional and win lots of victories against all opponents, everyone. Tournaments.

In FO3, the team is the representative of the player in the game. Good player? How well managed? Or how smart, agile, and flexible? How is the judgment and reasonable tactics? … All will be shown through the team’s specific victories against different opponents. So, in other words, the main goal of a player when participating in online football game FIFA Onlien 3, is to make his team as strong, as strong as possible – that is the key factor. Best.

How to increase the player stats in the game FIFA Online 3

Football games in particular and games in general, strength is not the only factor that makes success, but it is the key, occupying first place in the to-do list with a team. Just as in reality, after each season, teams can enter the transfer market, buy and sell players, exchange players to strengthen their squad, or they can participate in a training course. In particular, in FO 3 there is another, more interesting and attractive way, which is the way of squeezing the player’s card to increase the strength of the team.

Squeezing or upgrading player is how a player uses two identical player cards and performs upgrades to increase all of the player’s stats in the game. This is also a way to strengthen the team without having to replace the players you love. This article will guide you on how to squeeze a player card in FIFA Online 3 as well as notes, the risks that this method may cause.

How to upgrade players in the game FIFA Online 3:

Step 1: From the game screen, guys Click on the Team icon.

How to upgrade players in the game FIFA Online 3

Step 2: Continue Click on the Player management tab, choose to enter Upgrade – Upgrade. Choose a player you want to upgrade, by tick on two same cards, then click UpgradeUpgrades are below.

How to upgrade players in the game FIFA Online 3

Step 3: The window will display the details of the two player cards you have selected, and if determined, click Upgrade, to return to select Cancel.

How to upgrade players in the game FIFA Online 3

The upgrade operation is successful, the player’s card stat has increased compared to the original.

How to upgrade players in the game FIFA Online 3

Player cards increase stats after successfully upgrading.

Return to the interface of Player managerment – Manage players, it can be seen that this player’s stats have changed (increased) compared to the original.

How to upgrade players in the game FIFA Online 3

Risks when upgrading players in FIFA Online 3

However, there is one thing that makes gamers feel passionate, interesting and fascinated, which is also the reason that every time players upgrade the bridge, every emotion appears, which is the risk. behind the upgrade. If every upgrade is successful, every player’s card is pressed to 100%, then perhaps there will be attraction, competition, no effort, suspense, anxiety, as well as other burst of joy, or even frustration, of anger, to the point of hitting the keyboard.

Some notes for you when you want to upgrade players:

  • With low levels of player card upgrades, the probability of success is quite high (sometimes 100%, like +0, +1 cards). But the higher it goes, the more success rates decrease.
  • When the upgrade fails, the card to carry the upgrade will be reduced to +0.
  • In order to be able to press cards, players need to consume a certain amount of EP.
  • Consider carefully between upgrading players to show off and upgrading to increase the overall strength of the team.
  • Squeeze the same level, but the closer the level cards used, the higher the success rate.

Whether the upgrade is successful or not is very important, not only in showing off, showing class, but also the real strength of a team, so most players spend a lot of time. time, effort as well as money to do this. There are even esoteric recipes, obscure secrets that are passed by hand, or concealed for private use, but the truth is there is no recipe for that.

How to upgrade players in the game FIFA Online 3

An upgraded recipe was handed down in the FO 3 world.

The above article has just guided you How to power up players in FO 3. Pressing the card is not only a way to increase the individual strength of the player, thereby increasing the quality of the team, but also sometimes the passion and hobby of the player. However, the most important thing is playing skills, understanding of the players as well as knowing the opponent, is the core that brings your team to the final victory, not the player cards. bright color.

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