Some tricks to help gamers get high scores in Crowd City

With a new way of playing, unlike any game before Crowd city (Crowded City) has quickly gained a foothold in the gaming community. Player’s goal when joining Crowd City is to collect as many members as possible, crush all other opponents to win high positions on the rankings.

If you want to attract more members and not be beaten by other players, you can refer to a few small tips below of the Fun Game.

Priority bequeathed first

Priority bequeathed first

The bottom line when playing Crowd City It is the team with more people in the group that will easily “swallow” the opponent with less number. To check the number of your members, you will observe in the top right corner of the screen. From there, you will know which team you should play against and which ones you should avoid based on the colors on the rankings.

Defeat all of the opponent’s troops

Defeat all of the opponent's troops

Once you have gathered a large number of members, you can send troops to “kill” other players. And after successfully destroying your opponent, not only all members of that team will belong to you, but you will also get 20 additional units. So, when the opportunity arises, take down all of the enemy’s troops, avoid letting them escape or being taken away by another opponent.

Collect troops as quickly as possible

Collect troops as quickly as possible

Perspective and consistent when playing Crowd City is to gather as many people as possible into your group. Therefore, when entering the game, players will be prompted to watch the video to increase the number to create an initial advantage. Then, you should focus on “solving” teams with the same number of members as your team and ignore the few teams, to shorten the time.

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Study the city map carefully

Study the map carefully

City in Crowd City very large and has many different large and small niches. Therefore, before moving, gamers should carefully study the places where people gather or roam (white) so that you can easily conquer. In addition, you can rely on it to create unexpected “traps” for your opponents with the “quick defeat, neat extermination” ambushes.

Above are a few small tips to help you get to the top more easily in Crowd city. Good luck!

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