In just 5 minutes, this object “cleaned up” 2 drives of the net shop

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Recently, on a group meeting net business, a shop owner at 29 Le Thanh Nghi, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi urgently shared as well as asked for the help of colleagues to track down the thief of components in his machine room. The incident took place at about 11 pm on March 17, taking the opportunity to be crowded, the staff did not control it all, the subject immediately “cleaned” the components of the two drives that were in the camera’s range.​


According to the description of the shop owner, the subject is a tall young man with a slightly fat body. When he came to the shop, the young man wore a purple T-shirt and carried a black bag as shown in the photo, using the account dat1983. At 22:45, the guy sat and played a game of League, until 222:50 he went in and out continuously, his eyes in front of his eyes struggled to touch each lock of the two hidden cameras, then went out the stairs to smoke to avoid was revealed and then sat back on the old machine to continue playing. A few minutes later, the young man began to act on the two hidden cameras that were snooping earlier. Within 5 minutes, the subject broke the lock and finished taking everything into the bag and left as usual. According to the inspection, the lost assets include 2 chips, 2 car and 2 ram. The incident happened so quickly, it was on a crowded day, so even though there were staff in the watch, it was still impossible to control it all.

Subject portrait captured from camera

As suggested by other colleagues, the best net shop owner This should bring pictures and clips over net shop Neighbors warn and ask them to help, if you see the object passing, catch it, because with professional thieves like this, they will often be around. net shop just to snoop.


Hopefully with the sharing of the online community as well as the help of colleagues around, the owner of this number will soon find the culprit and recover the lost property. This is also a warning lesson for those who do internet business, need to apply effective anti-theft measures as well as tighten security in their business area.​

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