It’s hard for a webgame old man to ignore these activities in Van Kiem

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Those things, each player will easily find when participating in copies, fashion, equipment, ten thousand swords the, treasure, boss battle in Van Kiem – a genuine webgame for people who have spent their whole youth just playing games in the context of martial arts.

Fashion, shimmering equipment with unexpected power
In Van Kiem, the fashion and equipment system is quite diverse, helping the character not only have an eye-catching appearance but also contain many special powers.
There are 11 fashion outfits in all, and the progression level is 12 for each. This skin is mainly sold in stores or received for free from events organized by the game. Fashion also helps increase the character’s attribute stats.

Three of Wan Kiem’s ​​fashion sets

With equipment, it is more specific, the power factor is focused a lot. Equipment is divided into 6 types with 6 colors white, green, blue, purple, orange, red (also known as Van Kiem equipment). To have red equipment, players are forced to join the ten thousand swords, collect pieces of materials to match. Meanwhile, other equipment will randomly receive the full set when performing clones, hunting bosses or doing other tasks.

Wan Sword’s equipment interface

Van Kiem also has an additional set of long-lasting equipment (also red equipment), which players can only get when participating in the search for treasure. If you have enough 04 items for the same length of time (gender, union, kien, jade), the equipment will glow around the character.

Fully equipped with 04 long-lasting items with glowing rings

Dear lovely animals
In this game, pets (also known as pets) have a cute appearance, creating many emotions when accompanying the character on missions. Currently, Van Kiem has 08 treasures as assistants for players. When reaching the required level, each character can bring 02 support treasures and 01 main attack gem that they currently own.

Some treasures in the game

Each treasure has 01 skill and 03 talents. When increasing the treasure star, it will open the talent box as well as increase the talent level. The more stars you have, the stronger your skills and talents will be, up to a maximum of 8 stars for each treasure. It is known that the treasure system will be expanded by Van Kiem in the upcoming updates.

Challenge copy
There are 06 forms of copies, depending on the level of easy, normal, and difficult that the player must try to overcome. Of course, when completing the copy, the benefits are completely worth it.

Advanced copy

The advanced version helps the character to collect single-level advancements to level up mounts, welding knives, fashion, reincarnation, martial spirits, and increase character strength; The equipment copy allows the character to collect good quality equipment, improving the character’s combat strength; When participating in the chivalrous copy, the character will bring back stones to strengthen weapons, equipment, some silver to buy in-game items; Similarly, the gem copy also helps the character to collect gems, infuse equipment and weapons, and increase the character’s combat power; If you want to upgrade the internal attack, join the copy of the same name or quickly level up, then entering the experience copy, especially the x2, x3 timelines will bring a huge amount of experience to the character.

Fierce boss battle
The boss battle is quite fierce with 05 types of bosses such as outside the city, relics, hell, factions, and privileges. The point worth mentioning in this activity is that in addition to hunting the boss, the player can turn on PK with other players to win the boss fight achievement.

An in-game boss hunting activity

As long as the character reaches the level, he can freely challenge the boss outside the city, receive the corresponding equipment box and check. Meanwhile, the relic boss is quite strong, gamers are forced to team together to hope for the opportunity to receive rare equipment (orange). As for the hell boss activity, it applies to both singles and teams, just need to have a hell ticket and enough power to destroy the boss to be able to receive orange equipment. With the remaining 02 boss activities are quite special, the faction boss clearly distinguishes Uyen Long and Na Ho, collects faction and orange equipment, and the exclusive boss collects purple equipment and advances to single level. In these two activities, the level is more challenging because the difficulty is also increased, however, when the player is ready to hunt the boss, it means that he is always in a decisive position to win and win his reward.

Ten thousand swords of hidden wonders
The subject will open on the 8th day from the date of opening the server, the ten thousand swordsmen is a desirable competition activity of the gamers Van Kiem (this is also the time when the boss of ten thousand swords of the owners was born). It is known that thousands of swords will bring fiery competitions for gamers because of very useful rewards. However, because the information has not been shared much, gamers are still skeptical and eagerly waiting for the day Van Kiem officially announces this activity.

Types of Bosses in Ten Thousand Swords

As of March 21, Van Kiem operates stably with 11 servers, in the near future, the game will have some updates and innovations to meet the needs of players’ experience.

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