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EPICENTER XL MVP will be rewarded with an Infinity Gauntlet

EPICENTER XL is one of the tournaments Dota 2 the biggest in the world, and also in the Major tournaments Valve recognize. This is the third time this tournament has been held, and like the previous two times, EPICENTER XL immediately received good reviews from the community, gamers as well as viewers. That’s right, when the criterion was set since the first EPICENTER, it was “to teach the world how to organize a tournament”.


As a tournament organized by the Russians right in Moscow, besides careful preparation as well as quality matches, EPICENTER also has no shortage of national “muddy” jokes. Typically among them, is the reward for the MVP – Player who plays the best in the tournament. That’s right, on occasion Infinity War is hot in the theater, the prize is nothing but one Infinity Gauntlets designed extremely detailed and “realistic”.


The owner of this Infinity Gauntlet, it is rumored, will possess the ability that, with the flick of a finger, more than half of the gamers who like to participate in “online prediction” will receive a free tour of the “dyke bank”. It is of course a joke, even the existence of this glove has not been officially confirmed, when the organizers of EPICENTER are inherently the most “muddy” people on earth. However, if this Infinity Gauntlet really exists, it will certainly be a great motivation to help gamers get better performances, in order to win the “MVP trophy” of the tournament. fight.


Besides this “muddy” joke, EPICENTER XL also did not forget its “must be epic” task, having just released an epic intro video to introduce the tournament as well as the participating teams. . Currently, the tournament has gone more than half of the way and there are only 6 teams left with a chance to win the championship, which are: Liquid, PSG.LGD, VP, OG, Minesky and FTM. At 4 pm this afternoon, the next matches of EPICENTER XL will continue, in order to determine the next 2 teams to return home, as well as the first team to enter the Grand Final.

The total prize money of EPICENTER XL is 1 million USD and 1500 DPC. If you don’t know, DPC is the type of score used to decide which 8 teams will be invited to participate The Internationalthe biggest Dota 2 tournament every year, and also the tournament with the highest prize money in the entire gaming world (last year, The International’s total prize money was nearly 25 million USD).

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