Identity 5 – The wind of horror game blows the charts

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In the middle of the Chinese game market, which is full of information about survival, role-playing games, MOBA… Identity 5 It’s definitely a breeze, but it’s not new, but it immediately blew away the Chinese game charts.


Referred to as a horror game that joins the game you will have two options, first you will become a detective named Orpheus, after receiving an evil letter he investigates a case. case, he entered a house and the people in that mansion had disappeared when he arrived, but the police and neighbors were very indifferent, making things even more dead-end. This is also the time when he embarked on a quest to find the culprit, and the battle was fierce. During the investigation, the player will use exclusionary methods to consider the case.


Second, you can choose to play the character who is missing and is trying to escape the killer, each character will be given a few items to be able to survive and safely escape from the mad butcher like a medkit. , drinking water and a few other items, but the most necessary thing is the weapon is not available. However, the game allows you to be combined with 3 other people to find a way to survive together.


The game’s graphics follow a slightly gothic direction, the image from the beginning to the end of the game is just a dark and gloomy space, but that has increased the feeling of fear and excitement for players, this can As a compliment to the developer, besides the characters are designed like puppets, along with sound effects, helping the game highlight the true quality of the horror genre game.


Before the advantages of genre, gameplay, graphics, what are you waiting for without quickly downloading to test, however, the disadvantage here is probably the language, hopefully the developer will come here. will soon add different languages ​​to increase the chance for players to experience you can download games at the link below:

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