Chrono Brigrade – Japanese RPG with extreme gameplay

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Chrono Brigrade is the first product of the fledgling studio Lionship, this is a new unit established in 2016 of the game company NCsoft (Japan). Just over a year after its foundation, at the end of 2017 Lionship launched Chrono Brigrade with turn-based RPG gameplay and featured anime-style 2D graphics. Part 2 of the game has just been introduced with the voice acting of famous Japanese seiyuu such as Kensho On, Kana Ueda, Takuya Eguchi and Kaori Nazuka.


Chrono Brigrade game trailer

Chrono Brigrade There is a unique difference in the battle system, which is that the heroes will have to be summoned for the new weapon to appear. The weapon will then automatically attack the opponent, so the attacks look more like spells than actual attacks. In addition, the game system still exploits the turn-based gameplay, gathering each team of 4 people as the usual style of the game. Japanese games Version.​

Realistic gameplay of Chrono Brigrade​

Currently there is no information about the international version of Chrono Brigrade.​

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