Small things make Tam Quoc Wild Rift become the most worth playing strategy game today

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Launched at a time when the market has quite a lot of competition however Three Kingdoms Wild Rift still knows how to assert his own attractiveness. Although they have experienced before in the international version, the gamers themselves have to admit that with each passing day, the generals become more and more flexible and changeable.


The diverse set of generals is also the source of a series of in-depth discussion and analysis topics in the community group. It could be a debate about whether Jia Hu really needs to be nerfed, whether an all-in on Lu Bu will be effective or discussing who Guan Yu and Liu Bei should choose at this point… but all All of which proves that this game has something for the community to think about, calculate, and even argue about.

As a true strategy game, the comparison is bold in each activity

The “autism” of the strategy game is always ranked high in all online game genres with the feature that it only focuses on the features alone such as overcoming the hurdles, sub-versions… Players just need to go online, scan the map. , get rewarded then go offline.


But Three Kingdoms Wild Rift has chosen a different path, more difficult, more risky, but it will definitely be what gamers need: More clashes, more intense team matches, more difficult overcoming, Boss more “smart”. As such, it motivates gamers to explore and discover the power of new generals instead of being stereotyped in a few original choices.

Meta is born to be erased, monsters are born to be defeated

The hobby of Tam Quoc Wild Rift gamers is to test a new squad, even if they are not strong enough to fight, they still confidently use tactics to win, then upload the trophy to the group for you to discuss. The story of Liu Bei taking meat to crush his body, Jia Hu “locking the mouth” of a godly opponent or the clip Truong Phi “turning into Chaos” to bring the team from losing to winning are hot topics in this community.


Those are all topics that bring excitement because the meta is born to destroy, monsters are born to defeat. In other words, Tam Quoc Wild Rift is a game where players are always in a state of discovering new sources of power, competing fiercely and finding ways to overcome each other, rather than scanning a few sub-versions and then going offline like range of other similar products.

The buff effect system is too diverse

This is very new, the Three Kingdoms Wild Rift gamers themselves also find it strange that the beauty of this game can come from the buff – support generals. Still a buff general, but when we need to reduce the enemy’s strength, we have “debuff saint” Jia Hu, when we need to revive our team we have “revival saint” Luu Be, when we need a solid shoulder to rely on them I have “one-eyed” Xiahou Dun. Which is to fight back, which is to subtract anger, which is to increase attack, which is to reduce defense… the combination into the squad cannot be arbitrary.

Still a buff general, but the way to use it is variable

It can be said that the quintessence of the strategy game series has both been maintained in the Three Kingdoms of Wild Rift while installing groundbreaking innovative mechanisms. With the option of the Leader, deciding to join forces, the generals in the Three Kingdoms Wild Rift have their own place and role. Lu Bo, Quan Vu, and Truong Phi also sometimes have to give way to Jia Hu, Hoang Trung, and Ton Thuong Huong, simply because each champion is a piece of the puzzle that can only be combined with each other, but cannot be replaced. together.

The meta-variation in the future is unpredictable

Recently, the community was still feverish about the debuff power of Jia Hu, the next day “youth idol” Luu Bei ascended the throne and just a few days later, 500 brothers were excited again because they discovered a cool skill set. of the old man Hoang Cai. This shows the prospect that just a small edit, a sudden discovery can change the whole meta, making the tactical race of the Three Kingdoms Wild Rift never boring.


There will still be many names and fighting methods that are constantly mentioned in the coming time, rotating in the unprecedented magic battles and plots, growing old bamboo shoots, continuing to ascend to the throne.​

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