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The Wind Road “listens” to gamers with great videos

The Wind Road is an action role-playing game project from the developer duo Jiayuan and Amos Shaw. This project has been in development since 2015 and up to now, the game is in the final stages of completion and is expected to be released to fans next year on PC. Currently, The Wind Road is available on Steam Greenlight and is very supportive of the gaming community. Recently, the manufacturer has released a huge video both literally and figuratively, because the video is up to 30 minutes in length and has revealed about the scene, combat, the content of the game, and some features. other.

The context of the game is set in the Northwest region of China, the architecture, clothing, and even the character’s personality all show a very strong feature. In the game famous landscapes in the Northwest such as Macao Cave, through the creativity of the crafting team, these landscapes become mysterious and help players have interesting discoveries. Is a theme game wuxia ARPG genre, the game’s battle system is the point that players are most interested in. The game has designed up to dozens of different martial arts moves, moreover there will be no fixed limits, players can freely combine moves. For example, someone who likes the “Ngoc Cuong” move can choose to add many other moves to increase their fighting power. in Chinese historical dramas. The combat system also has another special gameplay in that when fighting, the enemy reveals an opening, the player can rely on it, grasp the font and attack quickly, dealing huge damage.


Xiao Xudong, a representative of the game manufacturer, introduced that, in the game, there are relatively many enemies (AI), beginners will find it difficult at first, but if you know how to find the enemy’s loopholes and attack, You can destroy a lot of targets. For great technique moves, you must grasp the enemy’s fontanel in order to attack effectively. This has reduced the boredom compared to traditional ARPG games, making the battles more varied. The manufacturer also introduces that this is a game with “non-linear” gameplay, this term means, there will not be a preset script telling you what to do like other games, the player must go Collect clues then complete the scenario. As seen in the video, the first clues appear through the player’s dialogue with the NPC, looking up the text.


The game is currently in the final stages of preparation to be “on the floor” on Wegame next year. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.

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Identity 5 – The wind of horror game blows the charts

In the middle of the Chinese game market, which is full of information about survival, role-playing games, MOBA… Identity 5 It’s definitely a breeze, but it’s not new, but it immediately blew away the Chinese game charts.


Referred to as a horror game that joins the game you will have two options, first you will become a detective named Orpheus, after receiving an evil letter he investigates a case. case, he entered a house and the people in that mansion had disappeared when he arrived, but the police and neighbors were very indifferent, making things even more dead-end. This is also the time when he embarked on a quest to find the culprit, and the battle was fierce. During the investigation, the player will use exclusionary methods to consider the case.


Second, you can choose to play the character who is missing and is trying to escape the killer, each character will be given a few items to be able to survive and safely escape from the mad butcher like a medkit. , drinking water and a few other items, but the most necessary thing is the weapon is not available. However, the game allows you to be combined with 3 other people to find a way to survive together.


The game’s graphics follow a slightly gothic direction, the image from the beginning to the end of the game is just a dark and gloomy space, but that has increased the feeling of fear and excitement for players, this can As a compliment to the developer, besides the characters are designed like puppets, along with sound effects, helping the game highlight the true quality of the horror genre game.


Before the advantages of genre, gameplay, graphics, what are you waiting for without quickly downloading to test, however, the disadvantage here is probably the language, hopefully the developer will come here. will soon add different languages ​​to increase the chance for players to experience you can download games at the link below:

Source link: Identity 5 – The wind of horror game blows the charts

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Wind God Summoner – Immerse yourself madly in a beautiful 3D RPG

Character building game with bold animation design brings a new feeling and appearance to familiar characters, besides an attractive gameplay system with PVP and PVE activities and systems. A social system that allows players to make friends.


The game is built on 3D graphics and extremely sharp images, combining a Chinese mythological scene, creating a super cute chibi style design, bringing a modern twist. , different from the classic-style characters you’ve played in other games.


Regarding the gameplay system, it’s still the style card game familiar with turn-based combat. In addition to the main character you choose, you can also recruit a few other characters to your team, come up with strategies, tactics, and arrange a team to conquer the challenges that await. Players can team up with 6 people, upgrade the array according to the five elements, the characters are classified by stars and levels with separate skills, the battle process is simple, when you do not need to manually controls that have an automatic support system, along with beautiful moves.


Players can participate in solo PK matches, or PVE side challenges, join guilds, in addition the game also has other social features such as chat channels, marriage in the virtual world…


In short, the game really leaves a deep impression on players thanks to its beautiful graphics, fresh character design, and a rich social system that will satisfy even the most discerning player. After a long testing period in the Chinese market last year, now that the game has been officially released on the Android platform, Phong Than Summoning will be the next role-playing card game worth experiencing.

You can download games here:

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Despite the wind and rain, Offline Tru Tien Hanoi was full of gamers to attend

Load Tru Tien 3D in:

The evening of August 24, the big party offline Tru Tien 3D The northern area called “We wait for people to drink together” was held in anticipation of a large number of gamers. Although, the weather was not favorable when a heavy rain appeared near the time of the program, but with the love of the community for Tru Tien 3D during the past 2 years, there were hundreds “rainy team” gamers come to the big offline meeting in the North – this only happens once a year.


This offline session is a rare opportunity for players in the Northern region to have the opportunity to meet after a long time together “conquer” in the world of Tru Tien 3D.

Nearly 1000 gamers gathered at the big offline meeting in the North.

Many players, even though they used to attend offline sessions in the South, now do not hesitate to book air tickets and come to attend with their brothers in Hanoi. Although it has been released for 2 years, Tru Tien 3D still retains the rare charm that no other MMORPG can match.

At Tru Tien, even though it is only a virtual world, the brotherhood and friendship are always real and the best quality.

A lot of gamers came very early to be one of the first to check in of the program. They excitedly shook hands with their friends in the game and pulled together to take souvenir photos. Of course, coming to such an offline game session, valuable rewards will be indispensable. Millions of Gold Coins and Gold Keys were distributed to gamers right at the offline session.


Many rare items have been given to players as a way for the Tru Tien 3D game operation team to be grateful for their support and companionship during the past 2 years.

True to the meaning of the saying “We wait for people to drink together”, by the enthusiasm and enthusiasm that the organizing team has for gamers. Nearly 1,000 players had the opportunity to raise a glass together to celebrate the strong development of Tru Tien 3D during the past 2 years.


Adapted from the fanciful fairy tale based on the work of the same name by writer Tieu Dinh, Tru Tien 3D has classic details and the game’s content is reproduced as closely as possible with the novel – action version. The process of growing up as an ordinary teenager in a fantasy world.

For more detailed information, please read at:

Source link: Despite the wind and rain, Offline Tru Tien Hanoi was full of gamers to attend

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Diablo 4 revealed a super terrible trailer – Let gamers “turn into bears” and tear the wind on horseback

Do you still remember the previous scandal of Blizzard at the Blizzcon 2018 event when the version was revealed Diablo Mobile instead of Diablo 4, making the company the target of attacks by the fans themselves. Since then, the path that Blizzard has gone has not been smooth for cams when it comes to consecutive scandals both inside and outside the game. The most typical is probably the case that this game company directly “beheaded” a Hearthstone gamer when he spoke out in support of the Hong Kong protests, causing the image of one of the world’s monuments to be violently shaken.

But maybe in the event Blizzcon 2019 This time, Blizzard is gradually regaining trust in the eyes of gamers, starting with frankly apologizing for the careless handling of the recent incident. However, the most impressive thing for gamers is that Blizzard completely ignores Diablo Mobile and is ready to enter a new era with Diablo 4 – Super product ARPG Just officially revealed recently.

With 2 extremely epic trailers, Diablo 4 has officially opened a new path for the legendary ARPG series. In terms of plot, Diablo 4 this time will focus on the villainous role of Lilith, the demon queen who created the Nephalem race with her lover, the Angel Inarius in the past. However, with the threat of both Heaven and Hell, the fear of the image of her children being erased made Lilith suddenly go crazy and go on a rampage. In the end, it was Inarius who was forced to submit to Lilith even though he was unable to kill his beloved. He decided to seal Lilith into The Void and, in desperation, adjusted the Worldstone so that his own race would slowly fade into oblivion.


In terms of Gameplay, Diablo 4 will have 3 very familiar classes: Barbarians that are more of a melee, Sorceress that focuses on magic, and Druid that focuses on the ability to tame nature. One of Druid’s signature skills is to transform into a bear with boundless power ready to slaughter the enemy squad. An interesting point of Diablo 4 is that the game now also has a mount system with all kinds of species ranging from horses to monsters. Mounts can completely tweak their shape and features, and even allow gamers to perform unique Skills through each Class when jumping off the terrain.

Diablo 4 is expected to release on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. In addition to Diablo 4, Blizzard also revealed more images of Diablo Immortal, the Mobile version of Diablo. Readers can join the Diablo and Diablo Immortal communities for more details here:

You can also watch Diablo 4’s voice-over gameplay here:

Source link: Diablo 4 revealed a super terrible trailer – Let gamers “turn into bears” and tear the wind on horseback

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The Wind Road martial arts role-playing game is available on Steam, with an official launch date

The Deathly Hallows (The Wind Road) is a game title ARPG martial arts style conceived by BlackCGGame from 2015 until now. The world of martial arts of the game revolves around the Silk Road in a tumultuous period with the current architectural works fully embodying the breath of a historical period.

The Cang Lang barbarians have harassed this important trade route of China for hundreds of years, and now they are also gathering their troops in the west of Lung Mountain, causing hundreds of thousands of people to fall into boiling water. At this time, the Great Nhan Buddha Sutra was present, becoming the key point to turn the situation around, the Man people took strict precautions not to have a monk bring the sutra to the court, but the gypsy forces listened to the Dai Nhan Buddha Sutra. The news also rushes into action.

The initial task of the player is to help the main sect to escort the monk to bring the scriptures to the court, but by chance, the player has broken the secret of the scriptures, from here on he is forced to shoulder the responsibility. duty to become a true knight, step on the path to end the chaos…


Of course, in addition to the plot, the combat system is also a well-thought-out element of the game, players can perform many different actions such as dodging, rolling, fighting, breaking moves … especially once mastered. loopholes of the enemy, players can reverse the situation in a flash, increase the surprise of the battle, faithfully recreate the thin line between life and death in the gypsy place. In addition, the game also owns a system of martial arts, rich alchemy with more than 60 different moves for players to freely learn.​


After a while of silence, Tu Tai Thu Phong was officially on Steam and is expected to launch in the third quarter of this year. Interested readers can refer to the installation configuration below:

Minimum configuration:

  • OS: Windows 7 x64 Windows 10 x64

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4590

  • RAM: 8 GB

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

  • HDD: 30 GB of free space

Recommended configuration:

  • OS: Windows 10 x64

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 6700

  • RAM: 12 GB

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

  • HDD: 30 GB of free space

Steam Link:

Source link: The Wind Road martial arts role-playing game is available on Steam, with an official launch date

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Bang Chien Season Two Wind Lang Thien Ha ends, the champion is called [91]HNsmile

Download games The Temple of Heaven:

Having brothers has everything, it is true, with the spirit of solidarity, life and death together, as soon as Bang Chien Season 2 is started, Phong Lang Thien Ha community has once again become more vibrant than ever. From S73 – Bang Thuy to S109 – Ten Faces, all are enthusiastic, all want to bring glory to their guilds and servers.


After 3 days of intense and fierce competition with extremely thrilling TOP shots, the battle rankings continuously changed every second, every minute, making even insiders and followers excited. Excited, looking forward and waiting to see which Guild will step into the harsh final round of Chi Ton To Quyet. And the championship is only one, the glory is only for the powerful guilds and have their own thorough preparation both in terms of people and tactics to be able to break through and write their name in the history of Phong Nha. Thien Ha Tomb.


Every war will come to an end, on November 15, 2020, Phong Lang Thien Ha was full of smoke and fire and the sound of bombs was finally unified, resounding with the guild. [91]HNsmile became the champion of Bang Chien Season 2 in a worthy and impressive way. Not only that, this victory also brought valuable rewards for all S91 Hai Long, gifts that Tan Vuong [91]HNsmile has brought it to its server.


Closing the State War Tournament this season, it can be seen how big the level of “playability” and fan indulgence of Phong Lang Thien Ha is when constantly bringing activities and tournaments for gamers to freely struggle. . In the near future, NPH Gamota will bring even more exciting and monumental events for its gaming community. Let’s look forward to it!

Learn more about Phong Lang Thien Ha:

Source link: Bang Chien Season Two Wind Lang Thien Ha ends, the champion is called [91]HNsmile

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Change the wind with the new mod of Days Gone, release nearly 700 Zombies to chase gamers at the same time

With the presence on the new platform is PC, in recent times Days Gone collected countless mods. Some of those mods focus on adjusting interesting weapons, equipment or stats, others make the zombies in the game move more sluggishly. Recently modder Aigmir has just released a new mod to help upgrade the challenge of Days Gone.

In the original, the player will have to face swarms zombies there are from 50 to 500 animals, but with Aigmir’s mod, this number is increased to 280 to 600. Do not increase the number of zombies bluff everywhere, instead, Aigmir follows the layout available according to each area of ​​the Bend Studio.

For example, near the Horde Lake, which is a place with few zombies, so the mod only increases the number of undead here to 200. Likewise, the Crater Lake area is a favorite place for creatures. This will have up to 600, even 670 zombies waiting to hunt the player.​



Defeating or avoiding zombies with a number of up to 670 is certainly not an easy task, so it is better for players to try this mod when they have experience in killing small-scale zombie groups. If you want to experience the stress of fighting with ever more zombies, players can download the mod at:​

Source link: Change the wind with the new mod of Days Gone, release nearly 700 Zombies to chase gamers at the same time

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Genshin Impact Time and Wind Quest: Reward Location, How to Complete

In Genshin Impact, Time and Wind – Time and Wind is a world quest in a secret realm in Mondstadt. Here’s everything you need to know about Quest Time and Wind while playing Genshin Impact.

Location unknown island in Mondstadt to complete Time and Wind quest
Location unknown island in Mondstadt to complete Time and Wind quest

Complete the Genshin Impac Time and Wind questt quite difficult, especially to find the necessary positions. However, in return, you will receive a lot of attractive rewards.

How to complete the Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact

Location of the Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact

Time and Wind World Quest begins on an unknown island in Mondstadt. Players need to find their way to this island and read the Ragged Notebook here. To unlock the Time and Wind quest, Genshin Impact players need to reach adventure level 35.

This mission location is located far from the mainland of Mondstadt. Therefore, the player must fly from the highest point of Starsnatch Cliff or freeze the surface of the water to reach this island. This is also the hardest part of the Time and Wind quest. If your stamina is too low, you cannot set foot on the island.

Steps to perform the Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact

Read Ragged Book
Read Ragged Book
  1. First, get to the unknown island using the Cryo character to freeze the surface of the water or fly from the top of Starsnatch.
  2. Find the Ragged Notebook and interact with it. You can find books at the southern end of the island. It’s hidden under a breakable rock.
  3. Observe the shadow of the sundial on the island between 2am and 5am.
  4. Use Elemental Sight to follow the magical paths and reach the first wind cluster. Use Anemo’s elemental skill to scatter it. Next, find 3 other wind clusters around the island.
  5. Dispel the wind cluster. You need to stand in the stone circle in the center of the island. The eye of the storm will be summoned and you must defeat this boss.
  6. After the 20% HP reduction, the boss Storm Eye will try to flee towards the Wolf Temple in Mondstadt. Use the wind ring to track and defeat it. You also need to change the time to 2 – 5 am, then find 3 wind clusters with Elemental Sight to spread it.
  7. Chat with Henry Morton after defeating the Eye of Storm.
  8. After reporting the mission to Henry Morton, the Genshin Impact player will receive a reward.
Defeat the Eye of the Storm boss to complete the Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact
Defeat the Eye of the Storm boss to complete the Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact

Reward from the Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact

  • ×500 Adventure EXP
  • ×60 Primogem
  • x4 Hero’s Wit
  • x6 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • ×60000 Mora

In addition, you can loot a number of other chests on this unknown island, including the Luxurious Chest behind the sundial, 2 Exquisite Chests on the North beach, the Northwest of the island and the Common Chest below. the left pillar when the character stands in front of the sundial. When you open those chests, you will get Primogem, Mora and many other materials.

You need an Anemo character to complete the quest Genshin Impact: Time and Wind
You need an Anemo character to complete the quest Genshin Impact: Time and Wind

Above is How to complete the Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact. Hope the article is useful to you.

Source link: Genshin Impact Time and Wind Quest: Reward Location, How to Complete

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Introducing the Classes in Laplace M – The Land of the Wind

The famous game Laplace M was officially launched by VTC in the Open Beta on November 19. This is really good news for gamers who love this extremely cute adventure role-playing game series. Let’s join to learn character classes and occupations (Classes and Class change) in the world Laplace magic!

Classes in Laplace M

Download Laplace M for Android Download Laplace M for iOS

Character classes in Laplace M

There are 4 basic character classes in Laplace M including:

Each character class has its own special powers and abilities and has different roles in a battle. Eg Pastor Has the ability to heal wounds and create powerful spells Magician then possesses magical power that inflicts great damage in the match. Each character class, after fulfilling the game’s requirements, can be converted into transformation. Each character class can be converted into one of two classes character enhancement Different with special powers that we will learn later.

1. Mage


As its name suggests, Magician possesses tremendous magical power. They can tame and manipulate both thunder and the elements of nature. No one knows where that power came from, but according to records, it is a source of strength that cannot be underestimated!

The magician are those who deal great damage and always keep a distance to unleash wide-area skills to wipe out enemies. Even if they were pressed against it, well Magician can still use Blink to move away from enemies and continue casting.

Skills of Magician basic:

Ice Storm 1 - Emergenceingame

Snow storm

Creates a blizzard for a period of time, dealing constant damage, capable of Freezing enemies.

Frostbird 1 - Emergenceingame

Phoenix ice

Summons an icy phoenix, dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies in its path.

Blink 1 - Emergenceingame


Immediately charged forward, damaging surrounding enemies and freezing them. Healing.
  • The Fire Mage: Control the power of fire on the hand, burning the soul and body of the enemy. Skills of The Fire Mage:

Firebird 1 - Emergenceingame

Fire phoenix

Summons a flaming phoenix, dealing massive damage to enemies in its path.

Enhanced Fire Storm 1 - Emergenceingame

Fire storm intensified

Summons a flare that instantly flares, dealing extensive damage and stunning the target.

Frostbird 1 - Emergenceingame

Phoenix ice

Summons an icy phoenix, dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies in its path.
  • Ice Mages: Those who control the power of ice and deadly ice magic. Skills of Ice Mage:

Ice Ward 1 - Emergenceingame


Creates a pillar of ice that deals extensive damage and freezes them.

Enhanced Blink 1 - Emergenceingame

Advanced Blink

Immediately charged forward, damaging surrounding enemies and freezing them, removing control effects. Healing.

Ice Storm 1 - Emergenceingame

Snow storm

Creates a blizzard for a period of time, dealing constant damage, capable of Freezing enemies.

2. Assassin


Assassin are characters lurking in the dark, traveling between life and death. They listened to the whispers of the night, of the moon and the stars, leading them. Because they know that, I have to walk down the path of the dark in order to finally meet the light!

Assassin capable of hiding from enemies, and waiting for the right moment. With high damage and the ability to instantly kill enemies, no matter what in battle. assassin characters are still extremely dangerous.

  • Skills of assassin basic:

Void Phantom 0 1 - Emergenceingame


Become invisible and increases your critical chance.

Blade Assault 1 - Emergenceingame

Killer sword tip

Becomes a blade that travels throughout the battlefield and deals massive damage after approaching a target.

Assassination Art 1 - Emergenceingame

The art of assassination

Spend 4 combo points to attack nearby enemies, dealing massive damage and stunning them.
  • Asura: Use the power of darkness and summon demons from hell. Skills of Asura:

Descending Asura 1 - Emergenceingame

Summons Asura

Use 5 combo points to summon a stunned Asura and deal damage to nearby enemies.

Enhanced Shadow Strike 1 - Emergenceingame

Shadow sword upgrade

Stuns and damages nearby enemies, the damage increases significantly when combined with stealth.

Blade Assault 1 - Emergenceingame

Killer sword tip

Becomes a blade that travels throughout the battlefield and deals massive damage after approaching a target.
  • Ninja: Suddenly hidden, appearing like a wind, they appear in the least unexpected places and finish off their enemies. Skills of Ninja:

Shadowed Soul 1 - Emergenceingame

dark soul

Deals damage to enemies in range and creates Combo points, stunning if combined with stealth.

Enhanced Void Phantom 1 - Emergenceingame

Advanced stealth

Become invisible and increase critical chance, creating a Combo point.

Cross Cleave 1 - Emergenceingame

Cross cut

Spend 2 combo points to use 2 sharp blades to damage surrounding enemies and increase evasion for a while.

3. Warrior


With sublime courage, and his iron will, Combatant are people who don’t know fear. They rush into battle and use themselves as a solid shield for their teammates. Assertive and accountable, Combatant Deserve to be the leaders on the battlefield.

The Combatant possesses extremely large resistance and recovery skills, acting as a Tanker in the lineup. Not only that, they also have the ability to control and stun the enemy and inflict no small damage with their weapons.

  • Skills of Combatant basic:

Bladestorm 1 - Emergenceingame

Sword storm

Swinging swords deals massive damage to enemies in range.

Protection of Light 1 - Emergenceingame

Protection of light

Pulls nearby enemies towards Combatant, healing.

Savage Jump 1 1 - Emergenceingame

Fierce jump

Jump into the air and then deliver an attack that stuns the enemy.
  • Holy Knights: As warriors with great defensive ability, not only that, they can also counterattack effectively and counter the enemy’s attacks. Skills of Holy Knight:

Holy Strike 1 - Emergenceingame

Divine arts

Summons a divine light, reducing damage taken.

Enhanced Protection of Light 1 - Emergenceingame

Protection of advanced lighting

Pulls nearby enemies towards Combatant, healing and immunity to damage for a moment.

Savage Jump 1 1 - Emergenceingame

Fierce jump

Jump into the air and then deliver an attack that stuns the enemy.
  • Warrior rage: Bringing in the chaos, these warriors carried in themselves terrifying destructive power to their enemies. Skills of Warrior rage:

Sword Strike 1 - Emergenceingame


Slamming your sword to the ground creates shockwaves that damage enemies within range, restoring health according to damage dealt.

Enhanced Rage Burst 1 - Emergenceingame

Anger welled up

Deals massive damage to nearby enemies, increasing the ability to resist adverse effects.

Bladestorm 1 1 - Emergenceingame

Sword storm

Swinging swords deals massive damage to enemies in range.

4. Pastor:

Mucsu 1 - Emergenceingame

Killing is not in the dictionary of these Pastor. They can listen to whispers from nature, and use that power to heal, comfort, and purify their souls. But at the same time, those who dare to anger them will also have to face the tremendous power of nature.

The pastor possesses the ability to heal many wounds, to help teammates who are in danger. At the same time, they also use toxins and slow the target, making those who want to close almost impossible to touch Pastor.

  • Skills Pastor basic:

Power of Nature 1 - Emergenceingame

The power of nature

Release vines to attack enemies within a certain range, dealing damage and poisoning them.

Nature 27s Prayer 1 - Emergenceingame

Nature’s prayers

Summoning the power of nature restores a large amount of health to many allies.

Song of the Forest 1 - Emergenceingame

The song of the forest

Restores allies over time.
  • Pastor advanced: Pastors who have been imbued with God’s whispers. They have only one faith – Soul Salvation. Skills of Pastor advanced:

Bathe in Light 1 - Emergenceingame

Bathed in light

Summons a light from the heavens that gives allies an instant damage immunity and heals a large amount of HP.

Enhanced Nature s Prayer 1 - Emergenceingame

Advanced nature prayers

Summoning the power of nature restores a large amount of health to multiple allies, eliminating the negative state.

Song of the Forest 1 - Emergenceingame

The song of the forest

Restores allies over time.
  • Dancer: Using the power of nature and divine arrows, Dancer who have enlightened to the truth: Wherever there is light, darkness follows. Skills of Dancer:

Fairy Arrow 1 - Emergenceingame

Fairy arrow

Shoots a beam of light at surrounding enemies and stuns. Provides sustained damage reduction effect.

Enhanced Song of the Forest 1 - Emergenceingame

The song of the advanced forest

Restores over time while increasing damage inflicted by allies.

Praise of Blossom 1 - Emergenceingame

Song of flowers

Summons a giant flower that damages enemies in range.

5. Summary

So we have learned together about the basic and advanced character classes in Laplace M. It can be seen that the skills and strengths of the characters are very diverse and require coordination to achieve the highest efficiency in battle. In the future, maybe Laplace M will add more Class New more, let’s look forward to it!

See you in the next parts of the series Laplace M on!

Source link: Introducing the Classes in Laplace M – The Land of the Wind

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Laplace M: Currencies in the Land of the Wind

Laplace M – The Land of the Wind has a rather massive monetary system, with different uses and purposes. There are three main types and some special currencies used in game features that we will learn shortly.

Cai dat Laplace M PC 1 - Emergenceingame

The currency in Laplace M – The land of the wind

1. Silver clam: So bac Laplace M 1 - Emergenceingame

Silver clam is the main currency in the game used to buy, sell, exchange everything; from items, crafts, skills, mounts … Transactions are mostly done through purchases through the Market. Players will sell their items and items and you will use silver clams to buy and vice versa. This is the easiest way to own rare and valuable items. So let’s accumulate as many silver clams as possible. To find silver clams, there are many ways in which there are a few basic ways for beginners:

– Go Secret Canh equipped (BC equippedlots and if you are lucky you will receive rare items (items with accents? Item quy hiem Laplace M 1 - Emergenceingame). The rest is to sell them to the market and receive silver clams.

– When you reach level 30, you can open the feature Family members. Come in Family members Gia vien icon Laplace M 1 - Emergenceingame and participate in activities here such as farming, fishing, breeding, mining … and selling the materials received, you can also earn quite a lot of silver clams.

Trading silver clams on Laplace M
Trading silver clams on Laplace M

2. Snail color: oc mau Laplace M 1 - Emergenceingame

A colored snail or a spiral is the type of unit that is commonly used in most game features such as bonus spins, shop purchases or simply to revive when dying in battle. Colored snails are divided into two types: colored snails and colored snails with equivalent value. Color snails are obtained mainly through the process of loading game cards from the publisher (NPH), or from gift codes. Since it is quite expensive, you should be cautious about using it. Gift snails are colored snails obtained when doing quests, achieving achievements …

Buy Mana stone with color Snail
Buy Mana stone with color Snail

3. Silver Star (Silver Star): Sao bac Laplace M 1 1 - Emergenceingame

Silver star or silver star (silver star) is the currency in the game as important as some silver clams. Everything related to the item needs a silver star, and especially the most important is the skill change. The more you exchange, the more silver stars are required to change the next turn, so it will be costly to acquire more skills and lack silver stars.

Redeem skill points for Silver Stars
Redeem skill points for Silver Stars

4. Other special currencies:

Tien vuong quoc Laplace M 1 - EmergenceingameKingdom money: Obtained through the “Redeem Kingdom” feature, which can be redeemed for items in the Market.

Diem dau truong Laplace M 1 - EmergenceingameArena score: Points are earned from the Arena, join and accumulate points to buy items in the Market.

Da Mana Laplace M - Emergenceingame Stone Mana: The main material to upgrade the soul card.

Diem Danh vong Laplace M - Emergenceingame Kingdom’s fame: Can be used to buy props in the Danh Vong Shop in the Market.

The nguoi tot Laplace M - Emergenceingame Good people card: Cards are earned for participating in activities to help other players, or for NPC help quests. Also used to exchange items in the store.

Tinh thach Laplace M - Emergenceingame Crystals: Used to buy asterisks.

Tinh hoa mat trang Laplace M - Emergenceingame Moon quintessence: Refined flowers from the moon and stars. Received from training “Crystal Moon”.

Huan chuong thanh doan Laplace M - Emergenceingame Order of the Holy Order: When participating in the activities of the Holy Order (another name of the association), you will receive this medal. Used to exchange items and props.

Also in some events of Laplace M there will be different currencies as well. Please pay close attention to know the currencies used in any case.

Hope the article has helped you better understand the currencies present in the game Laplace M – The land of the wind. Sincerely and see you in the next tutorials!

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Instructions to top up the game card Laplace M – Wind land

Laplace M – Wind Land is an extremely unique role-playing game, with an anime-style interface. In addition, when playing this game, we will be playing the role of one of the characters in the game, participating in the battles and discovering more new lands in this game..

Currently, in addition to the rewards when logging in or leveling up, the system of this game also has a lot of attractive gifts with excellent equipment for players when loading cards into this game. To help everyone to receive these extremely attractive gifts, we invite you to follow the article on how to load Laplace M card game.

Download Laplace M on Android Download Laplace M on iOS

1. Direction of loading Laplace M card online

Step 1: First, go to and address the website:

Step 2: Click icon of the game Laplace M.

Visit the website and tap on the icon of the game

Step 3: Log in to the VTC Game with Facebook, Google, VTC accounts.

Log in to the VTC Game

Step 4: Enter your UID and select the package to load, the confirmation code.

Attention: The UID is your game account ID.

Step 5: Push the button Continue.

Enter the UID code and select the package

Step 6: Choose payments. This article will guide you to recharge the game via ATM card, you can do the same with other forms of payment.

Step 7: Click Bank icon but I have an account in it.

Select the form of payment and click on the bank's icon

Step 8: Drag the screen downwards and tap the button Confirm.

Press the Confirm button

Step 9: Filling information about ATM cards button and press the button Continue.

Fill in information about ATM card

Step 10: Wait a moment for the system to load the game card for you.

2. Instructions to load Laplace M cards directly on the game

Step 1: Open and login game account Wind Land.

Step 2: Click the item’s icon Market, at the top of the screen.

Click on the icon of the Market item

Step 3: Click on the item Loaded.

Click Load

Step 4: Next, select package loaded.

Select the package to load

Step 5: Press the button Buy.

Click the Buy button

Step 6: Import email address password, then press the button Confirm.

Enter the Confirm button

Above is the guide to loading Laplace M card game, we hope that after following this article, you will easily load Colored Snails into the game to receive many attractive gifts from the game’s system. play.

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Wish you all success!

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Ranking trick for the newcomer of the Land of the Wind – Laplace M

Role-playing game Laplace M – Windy land is receiving great attention from the gaming community with cute anime style graphics. Coming to Laplace M – Windy land, you will choose to incarnate 1 of 5 different careers to join an exciting adventure to build and protect the kingdom.

For newcomers when participating in Laplace M – Windy land, it should be noted that it is necessary to fully perform newcomer activities to be sure to receive attractive gifts. As the saying goes, “head and tail,” if you get off to a good start you will find it easier to go on the journey afterwards. Here are some tips when playing the game Laplace M – Windy land for beginners to invite everyone to follow.

Quick ranking tips in the game Laplace M – Windy land for new gamers

Complete the quests in the kingdom

First we need to complete all the quests in the kingdom to get rewards as well as experience points. These tasks are relatively simple, after completing there will be normal items and precious items depending on your luck.

In the main interface of the game Laplace M – Wind land, click to the Kingdom icon in the right corner of the screen (next to the map) to receive the quest.

Ranking trick for the newcomer of the Land of the Wind - Laplace M
Ranking trick for the newcomer of the Land of the Wind – Laplace M

Perform main tasks online

The main mission is the most important task that we must overcome no matter what game we are playing. When completing this quest you will get a lot of experience points.

At the main interface, click to the Map icon (in the top right corner), here you will see the missions displayed on the left, click here to help the character automatically move to the location. center, if you are on another map will also automatically relocate to this position.

Perform the main task on the wind land
Perform the main task on the wind land

Join activities, events

For newcomers to activities, the event that takes place will usually bring a lot of attractive gifts. The series of daily quests, hourly adventures or boss hunting will bring gamers a large amount of experience points and many valuable rare gifts.

However, when we first play, we need to spend a lot of time in order to participate in activities at fixed timeframes as well as unlimited participation, so you will easily receive gifts. Activities like Dance Party. Fight Guild Wars, hunt world bosses, etc. along with major events like Guild Ball, Revelation Trials, etc. will be continuously updated without notice.

Join activities and events in Lap
Join activities and events in Laplace M

Loaded colored screws

One of the tricks to quickly level up is that gamers take the trouble to load colored snails to equip the latest weapons, increase damage, etc. The above items will help you increase your Battle Rating battle points.

Load the Laplace M game card
Load the Laplace M game card

Above are some small tips for newcomers when participating in Laplace M – Windy land. Hopefully this article will be useful for new gamers as well as the Laplace M community – Windy land.

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Valorant: Guide to play Jett – Ninja wind

In ValorantThere is an Agent with the ability to transform like a true Ninja and finish off the enemy with the summoned blades, which is Jett. Let’s learn about how to play Jett and tips on how to use her skills through the article below.


Download Valorant PC

Instructions for playing Jett – Wind Ninja in Valorant

Jett was born an assassin with an extremely agile body and skill. Combined with his dagger, enemies when confronted with Jett will receive a quick death “like a passing wind”.

Most of Jett’s skill set will be executed when you press the skill key, except for the ultimate R that you need to use the mouse.

Cloudburst – C

Jett threw a ball of air forward, exploded as soon as it touched the ground, creating an impenetrable smoke. Although Cloudburst’s lifespan is not long and the range is small, it has up to 3 uses in return.

Cloudburst - C

Some tips when using Cloudburst:

  • Throw the Cloudburst ring by pressing the skill key and pan the mouse.
  • The inside of the balloon is empty space, you can see if you step inside the orb.
  • While throwing Cloudburst, the accident will not be able to exchange weapons but will still be able to move normally.
  • Cloudburst will display a minimap icon, making it easier for your teammates to calculate.

Updraft – Q

This skill is as simple as helping Jett to instantly jump high into the air, having 2 uses. This skill is very suitable to surprise the enemy as well as evade firepower.

Updraft - Q

Some tips for using Updraft:

  • After using Updraft, you will have a delay of about 1 second before you can use the weapon. Consider this so as not to die unjustly.
  • You can use normal jump then use Updraft to jump to high altitude and observe in wide range.
  • Except for Shotgun when at close range, other guns when used in the air while using Updraft will have extremely low accuracy.
  • Combine Updraft and Tailwind to jump high and dash, creating a virtual variation in movement.

Tailwind – E

Immediately skimmed a segment in the direction Jett was moving. Jett will stop at the end of a skill’s distance or when there is an obstacle. This is an extremely useful skill to dodge an enemy’s attack as well as run away or chase.

Tailwind - E

Some tips for using Tailwind:

  • Tailwind should not be used to rush to attack because it will easily be ambushed. Only use this skill to dodge, run, or chase.
  • Tailwind is extremely maneuverable, this skill can nearly dash in any direction you are moving, including diagonal directions.
  • After using Tailwind, you will have a delay of about 1 second before you can use the weapon.
  • Combining Tailwind with other abilities will surprise the enemy.

Blade Storm – R

Jett’s last move – Blade Storm will summon a variety of daggers ready to attack enemies when you click. Left mouse to launch 1 knife, right mouse to launch them all. The ability’s delay was almost nonexistent, so it was the ability to finish off the enemy before they could understand what was going on.

Blade Storm - R

Some tips for using Blade Storm:

  • A dagger of this skill will instantly kill enemies if it hits the head.
  • Blade Storm’s accuracy is 100%, not only that, when using Jett’s other skills, Blade Storm can still be activated. That means, you can fly, glide while flying without the fear of jerkiness like a gun.
  • Blade Storm has no time limit, which means you can use it as any weapon. When you kill a life, the knives will be restored.
  • When summoning Blade Storm, you will need more than 1 second to wait for the knives to appear before you can use it.

I wish you all the victories with Jett in Valorant!

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How to download and install Laplace M VN – Wind land on PC

Laplace M – Wind Kingdom is a very hot MMORPG on Mobile with 3D graphics, attractive gameplay and cute pets..

VTC has also launched Laplace M Vietnam version on November 19 for all 3 platforms iOS, Android, and PC. Today, will guide you to download and install Laplace M on your PC simply by emulator or by the installer directly on Windows.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

Instructions for installing and logging in Laplace M on the computer

Download and play Laplace M on PC with LDPlayer

Download LDPlayer

After successfully downloading and installing LDPlayer, open LDPlayer and wait for the software to start.

Loading Screen

In the LDplayer window, you find the game Laplace M. Note, the software will give you two installation options: Normal installation and Local installation.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

  • Local installation As a quick installation form, LDPlayer will automatically download games from the system without going through the Google Play Store, which means you do not need to log in to your Google account to download the game. For local installation, click the 3 vertical button next to the Install button and select Local installation. The emulator will proceed to download the game and install it for you. This may take a few minutes or longer depending on the Internet speed. Local installation also prevents you from the error “Device not compatible” when downloading the game via CH Play.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

  • Normal installation You will use Play Store to download the game normally, and require a Google account. You click Install, and log into CH Play to download the game.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

After the successful installation notification, the game icon will appear, you double-click the icon to enter the game.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

After the game has finished loading, the login screen will appear. Laplace M allows logging in with different accounts such as Facebook, Google, VTC account, Line account …

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

After successful login, please choose for yourself one of the 5 Classes available in the game.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

Next, you can name and customize the appearance of your character, such as hair color, eye color, gender, … and start exploring. Kingdom of the wind.

(There are some of you wondering about this delete character created At the moment, the game does not support character deletion, so you should pay close attention and do not create too many characters in one account.)

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

Note: For some emulators like GameLoop, you can still download and play Laplace M, but it will not be the Vietnamese version released by VTC and does not support Vietnamese language. You should pay attention to avoid wasting time and effort.

Download and install the Laplace M PC itself

Download the Laplace installer for PC

First you unzip the downloaded file, go to the folder just unzip and run the file Laplacem_setup1.0.0 to install.


The dialog box appears, remember to choose the Vietnamese language.

Cai dat Laplace M PC tiengviet 1 - Emergenceingame

Agreement table of the game, you click to select I accept the agreement and press Next.

Cai dat Laplace M PC chapnhanthoathuan 1 - Emergenceingame

In the installation location of the game, you can leave the default as shown, or click Browser to select another location in the machine. After selecting, click Next.

Cai dat Laplace M PC vitricaidat 1 - Emergenceingame

The next window is to choose to install additional supporting software, you do not need to pay attention to it, click Next.

Cai dat Laplace M PC phanmemlienquan 1 - Emergenceingame

Start directory and exit Desktop, you leave the default.

Start directory

Exit Desktop

In the next window, check the options you have selected and click Setting.

Ready to install

Wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Installation process

After the installation is completed, the completion window will appear. You tick the box Start Laplace M and press Finish.


So the installation is done. The game will also automatically run right after installation, so you don’t need to open the game.

Cai dat Laplace M PC loadding 1 - Emergenceingame

Compared to playing on PC using LDPlayer emulator, the standard installer for PC has a much higher compatibility, making your game play smoother as well as reducing the consumption of machine’s resources. However, this PC version has a huge downside: you’ll have to scan the QR code every time you log in, causing some trouble for some of you. Specifically, logging in with QR code will be guided below.

Instructions to scan the QR code to login Laplace M on PC

When you open the game up, the screen will appear to scan the QR code:

QR code

Please use your phone or tablet with Laplace installed and select the button Scan the QR code:

Scan the QR code

Now put the camera of your phone or tablet into the code scan section on the PC screen, if the scan is successful, the system will automatically log into your game account.

Note: Every time you log in on your PC in this way you have to scan the code again once, so you still have to keep the game on your phone or tablet to be able to sign in again later.

Thus, instructed you to play by PC to download and experience the official version of Laplace M in Vietnam through very simple steps. If you want to experience this game on Mobile, you can download it in two versions:

Laplace M for IOS Laplace M for Android

Have a good time with the wonderful fairy world of Laplace M!

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