How to steal items and details of Coin Master rotation

The way to steal items in Coin Master is not like in Pirate Kings, we need to make lucky spin first to get “card” to steal items in Coin Master. In Coin Master there are two different ways to steal, that is theft by destruction method and theft by gold mining method. To get the privilege of stealing things you need to be sure to get into a hammer or pig’s face. Down here will introduce details about the lucky spin in the game Coin Master.

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Details of the lucky spin in Coin Master

Rotation luck

The lucky wheel is the main space of the game and determines everything in the game. You will be determined by the number of turns. After 24 hours, you will get 50/50 spins back, the remaining spins will only be counted if the spins come from gifts or bonuses.

The number of spins in the game if you have reached 50/50 then you cannot receive any more from your friends. Gift Spins from friends can be earned when your Spins are lower than 50. We can use x1 , x2, x3 to receive the high reward, the number of spins is also deducted.

Game Coin Master
Game Coin Master

Thunder hammer

The thunder hammer will help you destroy your opponent’s buildings to steal gold. However, when we get this hammer, then making money from the opponent is not guaranteed if the buildings are protected by the shield. We can choose which buildings to destroy, if your village is not repaired then you will not be able to attack other players.

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Thunder hammer in Coin Master
Thunder hammer in Coin Master

Shields for protection

The shield is received when spinning the lucky spin, the shield will be protected and avoid 3 enemy attacks. When you have the protective shields you can build a village with peace of mind.

Shields in Coin Master
Shields in Coin Master

Pigs steal

When the lucky wheel points to the pink pigs, we can go to friends’ houses to steal, friends will be chosen by the game, so whether or not you can steal a lot of things depends a lot on luck. When you go to someone’s house, there will be 4 gold burial holes, but you only have to dig 3 times so again you need the “god of luck” to appear to dig correctly.

Steal gold in Coin Master
Steal gold in Coin Master

Blue bird

Spinning on the green birds will help you reach the bonus milestones specified by the game. In addition, when spinning on a hammer, shield or pig, you will also receive a green bird bonus to get closer to the bonus mark.

Cell extra turns

When the spin hits the extra Spin we will get 10 more spins and will be x2, x3 when you use the x2, x3 spins.

Add lucky spins
Add lucky spins

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