Guide to playing the game Coin Master for newbies

Besides running Spin, there are many Coin Master game tips for you to quickly level up. We already know how to get 3000 spins per day or block friends when playing Coin Master, but for those starting to participate in this pirate game it is necessary to know some tips to play the best Coin Master building game. Although the gameplay is quite similar to Pirate Kings, but do not skip this tutorial to clear Coin Master Island.

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Game guide Coin Master game guide

Keep the Spin level around 9500

You should try to start events at 9500 to qualify for level 1 group, when in this group we will have a high win rate and earn more Spins and Coins.

Making money and keeping money is more important than Spin

As we mentioned in the article How to preserve Spin, when we run out of Spin we will still have money to buy positive to get new cards, Spin, play Viking Quest, etc.

Do not use money to build a house

The higher the Viking quest will be, the more difficult it is to buy a house and a higher waste of money is not too necessary.

Coin Master building game
Coin Master building game

Should only buy a house when buying 1 time to be leveled up

Only build a house when there is a Village Master event, at this point 1 level will be given extra money, spins, food for Pet.

The minimum amount to keep in each level

  • Levels 1-50: keep as much as possible.
  • Levels 51-100: 25 billion
  • Levels 101-150: 75 billion
  • Levels 151-200: 250 billion
  • Levels 201+: 350 billion
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Always prioritize XP to raise the Fox

There are 3 recommendations for Foxes: 90%, 95%, 100%. Foxes will help you make a lot of money when raid, then use XP for the Tiger.

Guide quest Viking Quest
Guide quest Viking Quest

Don’t use Cards for Chests often

We will spend a lot of cards to exchange chests, should only be used when absolutely necessary eg when Spin is zero.

Don’t race leaderboards to get yellow cards

Rankings should only be played for clown chests or 4000 Spin.

Earn yellow cards from Viking Quest

Gold cards are very expensive so you need to limit the purchase of chests to get cards, we can make cards through Viking Quest much easier.

Between about 5 to 10 Coin Stockers

Do not keep too much because then the game will send bots to rob and recover the excess you have and there will be no warning how many people can rob your house.

Exchange clown cards for rare white cards

Clown cards can be exchanged for many types of cards, you should consider between yellow cards and rare white cards. Yellow cards may come from Viking Quest, but white cards are rare and are difficult to get, so get a white card.

Good tips for playing game Coin Master
Good tips for playing game Coin Master

Don’t get Spin from Daily links

We should get it when activating the new event because at this point you can get more Spins and Coins to play the event. Daily link is valid for 3 days so you can save it.

Don’t level up too high

When leveling up, Viking Quest will spend a lot of money and it is difficult to get Bonus Wheel. You should stop at levels 180 to 195 to make a lot of money.

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Don’t skip the event with the Rewards Mania

Rewards ania is a bonus in addition to the main bonus on the progress bar and only a short time, when participating in the event we will receive more money and XP.

Not participating in racing

Rank racing is one of the most expensive Spin activities where the rewards are not worth the amount of spins you spend.

We will continuously update the Coin Master tips so that everyone can easily build their own beautiful village.

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