Tips to improve PUBG Mobile game sound quality

Along with the graphics, the sound is also an important factor that helps PUBG Mobile get a lot of love from the gaming community. However, to experience all the quintessence of this survival shooter game is not easy.

Today, the Fun Game will share with you some good tips to help increase the high quality audio experience when playing PUBG Mobile. Please refer

Sound correction

Sound correction

The first thing gamers should do to improve sound quality is to increase the effects SFX to the maximum. At this time, the sound effects such as gunshots, running cars, … will become clear.

Pay attention to the small map

Observe the small map

Regular observation of this small map will assist you in the process of fighting. You can easily detect gunshots or footsteps location because they will be displayed on the mini map. From there, you will judge the enemy position or the fight to promptly improvise.

Use quality headphones

Owning quality headphones

Another factor to have a better audio experience in PUBG Mobile is that you need to equip yourself with a quality headset. In addition, wired headphones will be more appreciated than wireless ones because it eliminates audio lag.

Determine the direction of the sound

Determine the direction of the sound

Finally, the player needs to determine the correct direction of sound to have a reasonable response. This may not be difficult for veteran gamers, but for beginners it can be a bit difficult.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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