Free Fire: Tips to reduce weapon recoil in Free Fire

Weapon recoil is one of the biggest problems players face when playing shooters and games Free Fire Is no exception. Here are tips to help you Reduced weapon recoil in Garena Free Fire.

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In fact, due to the nature of Free Fire is a mobile game, knowing how to control gun recoil is even more important because manipulating the touch screen is not accurate with the mouse & keyboard of the PC. The following simple tips can help you control the recoil of your weapon to better hit your target.

How to reduce gun recoil when playing Free Fire

Bend or lie on your stomach when shooting

Crouch when shooting in Free Fire

Although movement is restricted, this will increase gun stability and reduce recoil. In addition, threading in the middle of a match also makes it harder for enemies to hit you in the head.

Tummy when fighting is quite difficult. Usually you should only do this when you want to ambush an enemy. However, when lying on your stomach in a high area, the opponent can hardly hit you with bullets.

Equip all necessary accessories

Equipped with all necessary accessories

Foregrip and Stock will help you to reduce weapon recoil significantly. Try to find and equip them as soon as possible. Foregrip is extremely important because it halves recoil.

Open and close Scope continuously while shooting

Open and close Scope continuously

Although this trick will reduce the rate of fire, it is quite effective in reducing the recoil of the weapon. If you are participating in long-range war, try opening and closing Scope continuously while shooting. This will fix the gun and activate it to automatically hit the target.

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Set the appropriate sensitivity setting

Set the sensitivity of the gun

You need a custom sensitivity setting while playing because the default option is sometimes not very good.

Use Dasha’s skills

Dasha's skills

Here’s the best way to reduce the recoil of the Free Fire gun. Dasha’s skills can reduce weapon recoil by 10%, while also increasing recoil speed by 10%.

Above are some How to reduce gun recoil in Free Fire. If you know any other solutions, please share with!

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