How to save power when playing PS5, PS4, Xbox Series games?

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save power when playing games on ps5 ps4 xbox series

You may not know, even when turned off, your modern game consoles are still consuming energy. How to save power when playing games on Xbox Series, PS5, PS4? Just a few small changes to the machine feature settings can help keep your electricity bills down. Read and try it now.

Saving power when playing Xbox Series X games|S

The new Xbox Series X|S console has 2 power modes: Instant On and Energy Saving, the default is usually to select Instant On.. This mode helps the device to transfer games (steam games) to your phone, and update and install games while the device is at rest. However, then the Xbox Series X|S consumes about 10-13W per hour (actually in some places this number can be higher, up to 29W). Switching to Energy Saving takes only 0.4-0.5W.

two versions xbox series xs

If you haven’t bought a game console and saving energy is an important criterion, then Xbox Series S has an edge over Xbox Series X. Even while playing, the Xbox Series S uses less than half the power of the Xbox Series X (74W compared to 153W according to Microsoft’s data). But of course, few people buy game consoles and put low power consumption first, we care more about the power and performance of the machine.

xbox series xs . power options

Whatever Xbox Series you’re using, a small tweak to the feature settings Changing your device’s Instant On to Energy Saving also saves you make a lot of money in the long run. You can follow the steps: Open Settings on Xbox and scroll to General > Power mode & startup. In the section Power mode, choose Energy-saving.

save power when playing xbox games

Energy Saving helps save power, but in return the boot time will be a few seconds slower, as well as will not automatically download updates and install games when shutting down. Therefore, when you want to download games, just choose Instant On, and if there are no games to download, change to Energy Saving, the operation is also simple and fast.

You can also Adjust the time when the Xbox console automatically shuts down when there are no players. Minimum 1 hour when not playing games and 2 hours when playing music, movies.

Of course, even more saving is going straight in “Power mode & startup” in Settings and select Full Shutdown (complete shutdown). But this kind of shutdown Usually only used when you want to remove the power cord from the device to move or won’t play the game for a long time.

Save power when playing PS5, PS4 games

ps5 . power supply

On PlayStation 5, you can reduce its power consumption by going to Settings and go to System > Power Saving. Similar to PlayStation 4, these options can be found in Settings > Power Save Settings.

Both PS4 and PS5 have a menu named Set Time Until PS5 (or PS4) Enters Rest Mode. By default, this setting will put the device to rest after 1 hour of non-gaming, and 4 hours of no effect when playing movies. You can reduce this time so that the machine does not have to wait too long.

save power when playing games ps5 ps4

Besides, the 2 machines also have the option Features Available in Rest Mode. Here you can turn on or off the charging feature of the controller via the USB port, or allow the device to connect to the internet when in sleep mode or not. If the internet connection feature is turned off, PS5 and PS4 will not automatically download games and updates when the device is not turned on.

how to shutdown ps5 ps4 game

On PS5 it is also possible to adjust Set Time Until PlayStation Controllers Turn Off. You can quickly choose how long to wait for the DualSense PS5 hand to automatically turn off when there is no action. Thanks to that, it saves even more battery life.

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