Tips to play Hero Wars to win more easily

Hero Wars is where you will have the choice to play as one-of-a-kind heroes with their own unique skills, participating in PvP battles, clan wars, and RPG campaigns. In Hero Wars, there will be tips for you to win the game more easily, see in the article below.

Hero Wars An action game depicting battles between heroes, with dozens of unique mighty characters with unique skills, Hero Wars features a variety of colorful fantasy action RPG battle campaigns sharp.

Hero wars hero wars game

Playing Hero Wars is easier to win.

Tips to play Hero Wars to win more easily

1. Do all the quests and get all the daily rewards.

Hero wars hero wars game is more than 2

If you want a lot of gold, experience and equipment, always complete the daily quest. The daily quests are simple to do and the rewards are great, so never skip any quests. Try to do the tasks as difficult as possible to get the greatest rewards. Then always get the daily rewards to maximize what you can get from the game.

2. Always exchange Emeralds

Hero wars game is more than 3

If you run out of gold, keep an eye on the Exchange store and try your luck with the lucky spins. You can get from 1x to 100x the amount of gold. When you run out of gold to upgrade items, remember this so as not to interrupt your power.

3. Collect lots of energy

Hero wars game is more than 4

When you go to difficult maps and need a lot of energy, sometimes you will run out of energy extremely quickly. To be able to get enough energy to cross the map, you can watch promotional videos to get more energy to continue your journey.

4. Collect many Heroes to increase their power

Hero wars game is more than 5

There are many ways to get stronger, and one of them is to get more powerful Heroes. The starting pieces are not too strong and to increase your strength in the Campaign, try to collect as many pieces as possible.

5. Gather a strong squad

Hero wars game is over 6

To be stronger, you need to have a strong enough and suitable squad. Each piece has a different special ability and different skills, coordinate well to reach the maximum strength.

Warriors Can play the role of blocking and dealing damage at the same time, how you want to use depends on what squad you are missing.

Tanks are tanks, so stack them on top and block other pieces that deal damage.

Marksmen are long-range damage dealers with extremely high damage in the backline of your squad.

Mages These are the pieces that deal as much damage as the Marksmen but deal magic damage, and are the ones that should be left in the back of the squad.

support are the troops that support other troops to live and ensure the safety of the whole squad when they can buff, heal, create armor to make your squad safer.

Control are quite special pieces when they debuff the opponent. This is a very strong piece in battles with Boss or in Arena, but in Campaign, you don’t need these pieces.

Let’s build a formation with one piece Tank strong, one Warrior and 1 Mages or Marksmen, this will be the standard formation to help you easily overcome the difficult maps ahead.
Above are tips to play Hero Wars to win easier, you can see how to play Hero Wars on computer here.

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