All shapes and sizes of cheat game Pokemon Go

There are many way hack Pokemon Go. However, not a tip Pokemon Go hack all will be successful. The article will give you everything you need to know about Latest way to hack Pokemon Go.

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If you can’t win, then cheat. If you like to earn genuine rewards then work hard and be determined. On the other hand, if all you want is to win, don’t hesitate, but learn the cheats and hacks that people often use to rise to the top.

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These types of cheats get you locked out of your account

1. Spoofing – Spoofing GPS

Some people spoof their GPS to be able to go to a 100% Dragonite or Tyranitar site and catch it instantly. On the Android side, tampering has also been detected and the account locked. It is clearly something that Pokémon Go deeply cares about and wants to prevent.

2. Botting

Botting is like spoofing but is automated. With an army of rogue characters and a slew of codes, the Botter traveled to PokéScape collecting as many high-level Pokémon as possible. It is sponsored by online maps with lots of ads, donate buttons and online account buyers.

3. Use multiple accounts

Some people who don’t want bots or spoofing can still cheat using multiple accounts. Once in the gym, they quickly filled the room with the accounts of friends, family, and teammates, sometimes even those who stopped playing for a long time. Although the bubblestrat – a way to quickly power up a Gym – is no longer useful because of a massive Gym update, adding all the slots to the Gym still locks other legitimate players out.

4. Shaving / cycling

People who can’t or simply don’t want to take control of a new Gym will sometimes switch a second account to another team, knock a teammate’s Pokémon out of a Gym owned by another team, and then take its place. with their own Pokémon from that team. It is “cannibalism”, not only does not help develop the group but also creates resentment is not small.

5. Use multiple devices

There was a problem in Pokémon Go where pressing a button with multiple “fingers” triggered multiple actions, using more than one device. That way, you can evolve faster, recover faster, and even exceed existing legal limits. Pokémon Go fixed the app, but if several people were still logged into the same account on three devices and pressed the same button at the same time, it still caused the error.

6. IV Checker

Pokémon Go is not only banning bots from abusing the API, but also banning accounts that are granted access to third-party apps like IV Checker that also abuses the API. Changing your Google password and revoking access to these apps can help avoid and reverse the ban.

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Most online forums have a lot of people complaining about these actions and it is best to avoid them, because when it comes to cheat, you can get locked out of your account.

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Some Pokemon Go hack tips you can apply

Use a bike or skateboard

How to hack Pokemon Go

How to hack Pokemon Go This “neck” is still extremely effective because cycling or windsurfing is close to walking speed. That’s why you can use this trick to incubate eggs. However, remember to test all modes to find the best travel speed.

For this Pokemon Go cheat, all you need to do is attach your phone carefully on a skateboard or bike. Make sure the distance is needed to catch more Pokemon and hatch more eggs.

This method is much more effective than walking. However, you need to pay attention to safety when moving, do not just focus on catching new Pokemon. Control your skateboard or cycle slowly so the Pokemon Go system won’t detect you are moving too fast.

Quickly add friends

How to hack Pokemon Go

Occasionally, on special quests like Jirachi: “Millennium Sleep” or “Trouble Situation” …, ask you to add friends to continue. If you don’t have many friends playing around, that can be a big challenge. Fortunately, you have a solution hack Pokemon Go it’s easy: Just delete and re-add existing friends. Details of each step are as follows:

  1. Next Profile.
  2. Swipe through the list Friends.
  3. Choose a friend.
  4. Scroll down and touch Remove Friend.
  5. After that, re-add you as you normally would.

You still keep the friendship level, even the unopened gifts. This is really an easy workaround. Niantic will probably fix this in the future, but, that makes it easy for those who accidentally delete you to feel real “stress”. Obviously, to players cheat Pokemon Go A little bit more this way than leaving a bad impression on gamers, right?

Find out exactly where all Pokémon are

Pokémon Go’s aim is to explore its surroundings. You can sit indoors, or play games, watch TV and just raise your eyes to be able to catch a Pokémon. But the problem is that you will rarely spot rare Pokémon, so people try to play the game by having bots walking around looking for rare Pokémon like Dragonite, Lapras, Tyranitar, Blissey, Muk, Milktank and more. These bots will show or alert you to a Pokémon’s location, how long there is, and even their stats.

However, this search takes time and effort. If you don’t mind these then check out the Facebook group and see what tracking people in your area are using. Some are online maps, some are apps, and still some are Twitter accounts or chat bots. Some show you Pokémon, some want you to create multiple accounts and go through multiple CAPCHAs.

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Find out exactly which Pokémon will evolve

You always want to evolve the best Pokémon possible. “Best” is defined as having the highest parameters (IV). The better you evolve a Pokémon, the higher its CP (Combat Power) and HP (Hit Points) will perform in Gym and Raid Battles.

Find out exactly which Pokémon will evolve

Pokémon Go includes an inbuilt appraisal system but it’s not very detailed. The best you can have is:

  • Valor (red): “Amaze me!”
  • Mystic (blue): “A wonder!”
  • Instinct (yellow): “Bettle with the best of them!”

That tells you Pokémon has stats between 80% and 100%. But that’s a huge range. If you pay attention to how many stats are invoked, these include Attack, Defense and Stamina (HP – stamina).

Pokémon Go

You can narrow it down further, but you won’t be able to get an exact figure. To get the most accurate number, you need a third-party IV app that will ensure every Pokémon you evolve to be a powerful “monster”. That way, you can evolve 100% of Magikarp into Gyrados.

Find out exactly which team the gym belongs to

Just like the Pokémon scan pages, there are also sites that use an army of bots to scan and update Gym information. In the old system, they could tell you the level of a Gym, which specific Pokémon it belonged to, which Trainer Pokémon belonged to, and even the Gym’s recent history. In the new system, they only show the team that is in control of the Gym.

If you want to occupy a Gym, they can help you see which Gym is owned by other teams and ready to take over. There isn’t any information on the map that you can ever have to walk or move around and search for 100% accuracy, but some people still like to look before deciding which direction to take. next.

Mass evolve Pokémon faster

Mass evolve Pokémon faster

The basic recipe for leveling up as quickly as possible is to catch tons of Pidgey, Caterpie and Weedle, put in a Magic Egg and evolve as many as you want before the Egg expires. That gives you 30 minutes to maximize your XP.

Network error prevents Gym battles

The gym is currently hampered by a bug that, in some cases, prevents you from fighting and taking over the Gym. Don’t know what caused the error. When some joined Raids at the gym, the result received was a red banner with a “Network Error” label at the top of the screen and the player could not fight or complete a battle already. begin.

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Many measures have been applied and all appear to be effective over a period of time but are not consistent.

  • Force stop and restart the application.
  • Sign out and go back to Pokémon Go.
  • Go back to another PokéStops or Gym and then go back to where you just fought.
  • If in a group many people are removed from the battle, wait one to five minutes, then try again.

Despite violating the Terms of Service (ToS), people with multiple accounts reported that they successfully logged out and logged in to one sub-account and then entered the battle with the other.

The distance limit is locked

Pokémon Go does everything it can to stop people from playing while driving, and that’s right. Unfortunately, it also prevents people from playing while being passengers on vehicles, buses, trains, and other types of transportation.

The distance limit is locked

There are different levels of locking. The first is the 10 km / h limit for hatching eggs and collecting candies during the walking journey (Bubby candy walking). Go over that limit and Pokémon Go will minimize the distance it records. The second is the 35 km / h limit for spinning in PokéStops, seeing Nearby and Sighting on the radar and triggering spawning in your vicinity. Go over that limit and you lock with almost no distance, can’t spin any stops, and can’t see or spawn any Pokémon.

However, there are a few ways you can get around that limit:

  • Go to the egg screen in Pokémon Go. Press the Home button to return you to the Home screen. Don’t launch any other apps, but don’t let the screen turn off. Drive in a short distance, about less than 10 minutes. You then open Pokémon Go again and you might see some amazing distance returns.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, start a Pokémon Go workout. Next, look for some kind of slow-moving transportation. As slow as possible. While practicing is running, tap the clock up and down gently while moving. You will get an amazing result, depending on your speed.
  • Use Pokémon Go Plus. It’s just one click, so it’s easy to use and it frequently captures things you wouldn’t be able to manipulate if you’re driving and trying to do it directly in the app.
  • Right now, Incense seems immune to the speed lock that affects everything else in Pokémon Go. So even if you’re a passenger in a high-speed car, bus or train on a highway, a Pokémon will still spawn for you every few minutes. Almost all of them are common, but you can get a rare Pokémon once or twice.

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