Minimize the screen to play Raid game

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Screen Raid play the player defaults to full the player’s desktop, which is a disadvantage when we want to play this shooter while doing other work. The following tips will help you minimize the raid window as you like at any time.

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Assault (CrossFire) is one of the ultimate shooting games that many players have forgotten to sleep about before. With beautiful graphics, rich and extreme arsenal, until now, this game is still winning a lot of love from gamers.

Resize CrossFire game window

One inconvenience that we must also be aware of is that the Raid (CrossFire) is designed to occupy the player’s computer screen, which causes many inconveniences and minimizing the Raid game window. the only way to fix this.

Step 1: You can launch the game on your computer and be able to log in Raid account to enter and play as usual.

Full screen

Step 2: At this time the game screen is full, we will press repeatedly some keys to display the notification of opening Sticky Keys (you can try with the keys CTRL, SHIFT or ALT).

Press SHIFT repeatedly to open the Sticky Keys notification

Step 3: When the notification pops up, simultaneously the bar Taskbar also appears, leave the message unchanged and right-click on the Taskbar, select Start Task Manager.

Task Manager

Step 4: Window Windows Task Manager appears, navigate to the running CrossFire game application (in the card Applications), right-click on it and select Next Minimize to minimize the game window.

Minimize the CrossFire gaming window through the Start Task Manager

Step 5: At this point the desktop will appear as below. Continue right-clicking again and select the item Screen resolution.

Screen resolution

Step 6: Left click Make text and other items larger or smaller.


Step 7: Familiar interface of Control Panel Home appears, left mouse button on the item Calibrate color.


Choose next at this step.


In fact, this is the manipulation of contrast on Windows 7, so you should continue Next continuously, no matter what the notice or display is.


Step 8: Next a few times, we see the interface as below, you left-click on the bar Adjust gamma and pull it down in the end, next.

Drag the contrast bar down to the bottom, then Next

Step 9: Continue again next repeatedly added a few more times.


Choose finish to close the window Display Color Calibration this.


Step 10: Click next.


And continue next.


Step 11: Most importantly, the message asks if you want to save these changes? Choose Yes to agree.


If you choose No or for past notification display time (20 seconds), all changes will revert to original default.


Step 12: The rest is to continue next.




And next, until all the setting windows are closed.


Open the game again, you will see the CrossFire play window has been minimized. And now you can play games and perform additional name manipulation off the computer screen with ease.


Some of the following references can help you play the Raid game better, especially for new players:

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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