Free Fire: The best alternative “shields” to bomb glue

Gloo Wall – Colloidal bomb in Free Fire It is quite limited and you can only buy it with diamonds. Don’t worry though, here are options to shield you with just as well Gloo Wall.

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Whether you are aggressive or passive, having a protective barrier from Gloo Wall is the best way to last-minute survival in Free Fire. In mortal battles, glue bombs always give you a great advantage, protecting you from enemy attacks anytime, anywhere. However, Gloo Grenade – Colloidal grenade is limited, can only be purchased with diamonds. If you do not have enough potential, you can try the excellent self-protection hiding behind Gloo Wall in Free Fire below.

Stealth alternative to Gloo Wall in Free Fire

The wall

Walls in Free Fire

Obviously, high walls are always an effective hiding place when facing enemies. So, run quickly towards the wall near you when you see the enemy. However, this way is also risky, especially when the enemy appears near the wall or the building you hide, so take a close look around where you stand!

Behind the rock

Lurking behind a rock in Free Fire

If outdoors, keep an eye out for rocks that could lurk when attacked. In fact, Free Fire has many large rocks that your team can take advantage of without having to worry about this “shield” being destroyed.


Hide behind a rock in the Free Fire game

When it comes to combat, anything that can stop bullets from firing is a good shield. Using means to protect themselves is also the way that Free Fire players often use when out of glue bullets. In the absence of any stones or walls, a vehicle such as a car, truck or motorcycle is always the best Gloo Wall alternative.

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Trees in the game Free Fire

Lurking behind large trees is also a popular way of hiding when you’re playing outside a building in Free Fire. Although it makes it harder for enemies to hit you, hiding behind a tree limits your field of view, so use this method only when absolutely necessary.


Without the aforementioned hiding options, a small bush could replace Gloo Wall. Though less effective, the bushes also make it harder for enemies to locate you.

The above is “shields” to replace glue bombs – Gloo Wall in Free Fire worth a try. Hope the article is useful to you.

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