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How to “love from the beginning” with Yakuza – GTA series Japanese Mafia version

All the best games of the series Yakuza are all planned to be released in Western countries (and worldwide). If you are a fan of the cool mafia guys of the Japanese underworld, but have never touched this game because of the language barrier (Japanese), then this is your best chance. However, up to now, this series has had 7 main games and quite a few spin-offs. Obviously, not everyone has enough time to play all of these games. So, what is the best game to start with the Yakuza? Below, the writer would like to recommend a “path” that can be said to be the most concise and worth playing to get acquainted with this cult series:


Yakuza 0 begins with a murder case in a wasteland. Kazuma Kiryu, a “chicken-class” yakuza is blamed and offered as a pawn. In the process of trying to prove his innocence, Kazuma discovers that the whole thing is in service of a plot to take over that land, which will become one of the most expensive plots of land in Kamurocho (underground town). of Tokyo). Meanwhile, in Osaka, Goro Majima, a former yakuza, has just taken on an assassination job that will change his entire life.
Yakuza 0 is the starting point of the timeline, and also the best point to approach the series. In this game, Kazuma will lay the foundation for his entire future criminal empire. Can not be ignored.

In Kiwami, Kazuma’s rising yakuza career ends when he pleads guilty to murdering his best friend Nishiki. Released from prison after 10 years, Kazuma is immediately embroiled in a conspiracy with 10 billion yen stolen. In the process, Kazuma also encountered a young girl searching for her missing mother. A situation that seems “not very rare” in the world of games, novels or movies.


Yakuza Kiwami has been remake from the old version on PS2 so it has extremely quality graphics. The game’s content also adds a lot of shortcomings, contributing to creating one of the best villains in the gaming world. In addition, the “Majima Everywhere” system is also a very “memorable” bright spot, when it always makes Majima appear and attack Kazuma at the most difficult and awkward times.


The game begins with a high-ranking yakuza “killing” his enemies after a small dispute. This payment sparked a fight between two major yakuza gangs. At the same time, a mysterious woman comes to a loan shark, and asks for a loan of 10 million yen…
Yakuza 4 introduces players to a variety of important characters, such as loan shark boss Shun Akiyama or athlete Taiga Saejima.

Yakuza 5
It can be ignored, but if you play, you will better understand Yakuza 6 – the latest game of the series

The leader of a large yakuza gang has died, putting the longstanding peace between the gangs at stake. Daigo Dojma, the heir to the Tojo Pirates, goes missing in the process of forming a new alliance that also breaks old agreements. Kazuma Kiryu is forced to set out to find out what has happened and is happening.


Yakuza 5 introduces players to countless interesting locations. Haruka, the niece Kazuma used to know in the original game, is now a playable character. Saejima has an interesting fight with a bear… Overall, this is a good game with rich content, even too rich (with 5 playable characters), and easy to make players confused. between his “plot maze”.

Yakuza 6
The latest game of the series – Not to be missed

After the events of Yakuza 5, Kazuma spent 3 years in prison. As soon as he was released, he received news that Haruka (adopted niece) was in a coma. Kazuma is forced to take on the responsibility of taking care of Haruka’s son Haruto. Taking the baby with him, Kazuma heads to Hiroshima to find out what happened to Haruka while he was in prison.


Yakuza 6 is a game worth playing. Haruto is the most amazing baby on the planet and needs to be protected at all costs. Onomichi, the new town, is a wonderful town. Yakuza 6 also applies a new engine, which makes the game run smoothly without loading scenes.

Finally, if you really don’t have enough time to play all 5 (or 4) of the above games, then just playing Yakuza 6 is also a good choice. Yakuza 6 itself also has opening stages to let you understand more about the world of the series. Either way, however, Yakuza 0 is still the best starting point for this series.​

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