Spectacular tricks aimed at capturing the view of hot vlogger Nguyen Thanh Nam

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Although one of the most famous and successful Youtubers today, NTN’s actions and vlog content – Nguyen Thanh Nam This has caused a lot of controversy so far. Typically, spectacular tricks from this hot vloger aim to capture views from viewers.

Self-composed performance denouncing streamer using hack

Surely those who have been following Nguyen Thanh Nam for a long time still remember the incident that happened in mid-2018, when this male youtuber suddenly posted a forum on his personal facebook, accusing another streamer of using a hack while livestreaming PUBG. This person has only just livestreamed and has few followers, but has quite a few likes. This information makes many gamers in the community have to panic, guessing who is not sure who NTN is referring to.


In response to curious questions from fans, NTN also suddenly broadcasted a livestream with the title “Public hack PUBG streamer”. Needless to say, this content has attracted a large number of interested people to follow. However, everyone was shocked when the person mentioned was none other than Nguyen Thanh Nam. Specifically during the stream, the guy said that he was using the wall hack to win the top 1 and at the end of the session declared a green sentence: “Today, the person who hacked PUBG live stream is NTN …”. It turned out that everything from beginning to end was just this male Youtuber’s view trick.

Borrowing 19 billion Ferrari supercar to color on facebook

On his personal facebook page, every time he buys a new property, especially a new car, NTN does not hesitate to immediately share it with a large number of fans. However, an incident happened not long ago that made many people then always feel wary of any bragging about NTN because they don’t know if he is telling the truth or just doing color.


Specifically, at the end of October 2018, NTN posted a picture of a Ferrari 488 Spider supercar priced at up to 19 billion as a declaration of ownership. However, shortly after, on the internet suddenly appeared messages claiming to be the real owner of the car, accusing NTN of actually just taking pictures to make colors, not buying any super cars. .

Trick fans to buy super car Lamborghini Huracan VND 13 billion

Last week, NTN – Nguyen Thanh Nam made a lot of fans panic when he suddenly released a clip showing off a Lamborghini Huracan supercar worth up to 13 billion VND, including tax is about 19 billion VND. The clip captures the whole process of NTN from Thai Binh to Hanoi, going to the showroom to deposit money, test driving the car and finally closing the money to buy a car. According to the YouTuber’s share, the last time he bought the Mercedes car for his father, he himself had liked this supercar for a long time.


This surprise made the video as soon as it aired, attracting a large number of viewers to watch live. And it also helped Nguyen Thanh Nam officially set a record in his YouTuber career when he reached nearly 130 thousand live views at the same time. After 3 days, the video has attracted nearly 4.4 million views with more than 162 thousand likes.

However, an even bigger surprise lies at the end of the video when it turns out that the entire previous car buying story turned out to be just a dream of the guy. It is because of this “trick” that the clip, in addition to the “huge” view, also received a large amount of dislike.​

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