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Detroit Become Human – The scandalous game is allowing a free trial on the PS Store

If you haven’t forgotten, then Detroit: Become Human is a scandalous game when it comes to many accusations right in the development process. The game takes on sensitive topics about domestic violence that many people fear that it will have a negative effect on players. However, it seems that not all countries agree with this view, and the game can still launch as usual in the near future. To prepare for this launch, Quantic Dream has just allowed New Zealand gamers Experience 2 hours of the game’s demo for free on the PS Store.​

Detroit: Become Human is set in the city of Detroit in the future, when Androids – human-like robots – have been widely popularized and replaced humans in many fields. At the start, players will take turns playing 3 different Androids: Kara, Connor and Markus. In it, Kara is the object of “notoriety” when she will become a nanny in a family with a violent father and young daughter. Connor helps in the police agency, and Markus is a nurse taking care of an old painter. 3 Androids, 3 jobs, one by one, find the human emotions inside of themselves, and that is also the crux of the game ‘Become Human’.


Detroit: Become Human is a game of choices, and each choice will give players different directions, with all kinds of outcomes from bad to good. According to those who have tried it, gamers also have the opportunity to “correct mistakes” without having to play from the beginning, based on a table that includes “choices” as well as “results” that we may change. Accordingly, players will have the opportunity to continue playing despite encountering “dead ends” according to the plot because of the wrong choice.


In addition to the emotional (and scandalous) storyline, Detroit: Become Human is also famous for its extremely realistic and ‘human-like’ graphics. To get such graphics, according to Quantic Dream, it took them 1 year of recording with more than 300 actors to create more than 37,000 motion models for the characters in the game. That effort, up to now, is being greatly appreciated by gamers and commentators who have the opportunity to try the demo version of the game.

Detroit: Become Human will be officially released on May 25 on PS4.​

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