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This is the best gamer with Kar98k in PUBG

Kar98k is one of the most popular weapons in the game, an assassin capable of sending off enemies at unimaginable distances.. This sniper rifle is always a companion for any sniper who wants to advance. far and deep in the strings-tight matches of PUBG. Mastering this gun, gamers can completely “take control” most of the game time, ready to fight any target.


But if you think you’ve become a top player with Kar98k, if you think you can rank Top among the best snipers in the game… you’ll have to think again when watching. Shroud show off your skills. Watching him maneuver the gun, you will see that the speed of the former Pro CSGO is incredibly crazy.. Sometimes his movements are so fast that returning to the old position after shooting makes people think that Shroud is not. Need to see if the bullet hits the target or not.


Not only has super speed, Shroud also has a very fast calculation.. As we all know, long-range shots will need gamers to measure the distance of the target to adjust the sight (also known as Zeroing). . While many people, even veteran gamers, will take a “delay” period to do that, gamers born in 1994 have calculated themselves in their heads and raised their minds depending on the distance.. That skill that Shroud is becoming a god in PUBG today and this is the best proof:

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