How to get Free Fire Max Diamonds in December 2022

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As a game that focuses on developing graphics, Free Fire Max regularly launches beautiful costumes and items to stimulate players to spend their money. However, impressive skins often come with high prices or can only be purchased with diamonds. So many people have been looking to get Free Fire Max diamonds December 2022.

Diamonds are a premium currency of Free Fire Max and can only be obtained by making a deposit. With the majority of gamers not willing to spend money, they often find a way to Free Fire Max for free. If you do not know how, do not skip the article below.

How to make Kim cuong free fire max 12/12 2022

Instructions to get diamonds in Free Fire Max for free

1. How to get Free Fire Max diamonds in December 2022 for free

Method 1: Report an error (Advanced Server only)

Advance Server is a standalone server, receiving updates earlier than the official server so that the publisher has time to check and fix errors. To take advantage of manpower, Garena usually allows a certain number of players to play this server so that they report bugs if any.

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However, game developers also create activities to attract players. Specifically, if you actively participate in reporting bugs on the test server, in return you will receive diamonds on the official server as a thank you.

However, how to get this Free Fire Max Diamond is not easy when you have to provide a lot of information such as model, error video, additional images, … to receive diamonds. However, the hardest part here is how to play on Advance Server because this server only accepts a certain number of players.

Method 2: Use a gift code

Free Fire Max gift codes are usually sequences of 12 or 16 characters. You will find these codes during special events. After entering the Free Fire code, you will receive a publisher reward and will sometimes include diamonds.

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The minus point of this way of getting Free Fire Max Diamonds is that the number of gift codes is small and usually limited to certain areas.

In addition, Free Fire MAX is also unlocking the Elite Pass for free, allowing players to receive attractive rewards according to each badge level achieved. Therefore, to unlock the free Elite Pass Free Fire MAX readers can refer to the instructions here.

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2. Some notes when getting Free Fire Max diamonds

In any case, you absolutely should not download mods, hacks to get Free Fire Max diamonds for free because these mods can attach and spread viruses and malicious code. Besides, those hacks don’t actually work because:

– Your data is saved on the server, not on the device. In addition, mods and hacks only affect your device, so they will not work.

– The use of 3rd party software to interfere with game data may cause your account to be locked if detected.
Thus, has guided you how to get diamonds in Free Fire Max in December 2022. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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