Everything you need to know about Shiro character in Free Fire

Free Fire Advance Server OB26 has revealed interesting secrets about new character Shiro. Let Download.vn discover all information about Shiro in Free Fire OB26 Please!

New Shiro character in Free Fire

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Upgrading Free Fire with new content constantly is one of the most important factors that make this battle royale game the most downloaded game in the world in 2020. And in the Free Fire OB26 beta has just been revealed. Another new character, named Shiro, has also been revealed. Here’s everything you need to know about Free Fire’s Shiro, including skills, looks, and more.

Image design and origin of Shiro

Overall, Shiro’s design has a similar style to other “street” characters in Free Fire (Steffie, Dasha) … with hip-hop clothes and tattoos. Despite having a Japanese-style name, Shiro certainly won’t look like anyone in Free Fire. We’ll have to wait until Shiro shows up before we know his true background. The only thing we know right now is that Shiro is a deliveryman in Free Fire.

Shiro’s power

Shiro has the passive skill “Damage Delivery”. This ability may be related to Shiro’s profession. Below are the details of Shiro’s skills in Garena Free Fire.

  • At level 1, when hitting an enemy within 50 meters, Shiro will tag an attack for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, the enemy will be exposed on the map and the first shot on the marked target will increase armor penetration by 10%. & 60 second cooldown.
  • At maximum level, the ability range increases to 100m, for a duration of 8 seconds, armor penetration 100% and cooldown to 10 seconds.
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Shiro's ability analysis

Shiro’s ability analysis

Overall, Shiro’s skill levels are quite balanced. Level 1 is always the weakest. You need to upgrade your character as soon as possible to improve the effectiveness of the skill.

In contrast to Moco’s ability, Damage Delivery reveals the player shoots you instead of the one you shoot. This is really much better because knowing where snipers hide at you, avoiding their bullets will be easier.

With this skill, Shiro can more effectively deal with hiding, ambushes. If equipped with a high-damage weapon such as SKS or SVD, the player can even hit a target with 100% accuracy through armor penetration. The add-ons this skill provides even render the highest level of armor and helmets useless. The vision of this skill is not shared with teammates – only you can see marked enemies.

However, Shiro’s above skill isn’t really that strong. It is in the reactive form. It is more effective in hand-to-hand combat. You will have a damage advantage at the first shot.

The best weapon to combine with the powers of the Shiro Free Fire

Gun Free Fire SVD


SVD is a powerful AR weapon in long-range battles. SVD also has armor penetration (67 points), rare in the Free Fire arsenal. SVD can make a huge power combo when combined with the skill of Shiro Free Fire.


Similar to SVD, Woodpecker is a good long-range weapon with high damage and armor penetration. Even though Woodpecker’s power stat has just been reduced, it’s still a great weapon enough to make enemies regret for shooting you.


M82B will increase your combat power when combined with Shirou’s abilities. When Shirou marks an enemy in a glue bomb, the M82B will help you defeat the enemy behind this barrier.

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The M1887 is also a powerful Free Fire gun with high damage and destructive ability. When combined with Shirou’s skills, it creates a perfect attack combo, allowing you to hit the enemy one shot. In addition, the tracking feature of Shiro Free Fire also makes it easier for you to chase and defeat your opponents.

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