What’s new in Minecraft update?

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Mojang Studios is actively developing and adding new features to Minecraft – Wild version with update This is also the 2nd update for version 1.19.60 to fix some bugs, bring the best experience for players. Join Emergenceingames.com to find out what’s new in Minecraft update.

In preparation for Minecraft 1.20 expected to be released next year, update for Minecraft Bedrock version gives Minecraft gamers quite a lot of changes including some small improvements, bug fixes and improvements. Adjusted many features that were problematic in the previous version.

What are you doing to update minecraft 1 19 60 22?

New points in Minecraft version

What’s new in Minecraft update?

1. Experimental features

Types of bamboo materials:

– Bamboo Boards and Bamboo Plates can now be used in any required crafting recipe.
– Bamboo Mosaic Blocks (made from Bamboo Boards and Boards) cannot be used like regular wooden boards in crafting recipes.
– Rename “Stripped Block of Bamboo” to “Block of Stripped Bamboo” for correct spelling.
– Bamboo Blocks and Striped Bamboo Blocks are now correctly classified as “Wood” in the Creative inventory instead of as “Logs”.
– Updated the visuals for the Bamboo block and the Striped Bamboo block because their lighting is inconsistent with the other blocks

Bamboo materials will be commonly used in Minecraft version 1.20. Readers can refer to how to use bamboo here to get the most out of it.

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– Using Yen on an adult Camel will not cause an error.
– The bartender can use Yen to tame the Camel.


– Player sound sliders will now precisely adjust the volume of footsteps and drop sounds upon impact with Bamboo blocks, in Hanging Signs, Nether Wood and Chiseled Bookshelf.
– The Block sound slider will now precisely adjust the volume of the Chiseled Bookshelf.
– Jukebox Sound Slider now precisely adjusts volume for Mob Heads placed on Note Block

Chiseled Bookshelf:

– Books can now be deleted and added to specific locations on Chiseled Bookshelf.
– Players can now remove Books from Chiseled Bookshelf while holding Books in hand.

Did you update minecraft 1 19 60 22?

2. Bug fixes


– Fixed a bug where players could fall out of blocks that were moving in a bottom-up direction.
– Fixed night time being skipped when the last player in the game was left in the Nether or End.
– When a player enters the Nether or End while all the players in the Overworld are asleep, the night time will be skipped.
– Fixed server crash when dropping an item and sleeping at the same time.
– Orbs in a Block will merge and accumulate XP up to the limit of 1 Orb.

General bug fixes:

– Fixed an issue where text fields could not be selected after deselecting with gamepad.
– Fixed sound effects on achievement screen and new world creation screen.


– Fixed an issue where Tripwire Hooks could not be traded with Fletcher villagers.

Mobile Controls:

– Fixed an issue where players could not interact with floating notifications when using Joystick and Crosshair controls.


– Fixed Vex not bright properly in dark environment.
– Fixed Vex visual difference between Java and Bedrock versions.
– Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons only appear in areas of luminosity 7 or less (instead of 11) in the Nether.


– Fixed an issue where the player’s hitbox and nameplate wouldn’t align when rejoining a world after death and being returned to the Menu without being able to respawn.

Touch control:

The inventory will switch back to hover to control if the player uses additional support devices and controls on other devices.

3. Vanilla Parity Editing


– Saddle items can be used on a tamed Horse, Donkey or Mure.
– The Horse Armor item can be used on a tamed or untamed Horse.
– The Carpet item can be used on a tamed Llama.
– Dispenser can be used on Saddles and Horse Armor to tame Horses.
– Dispenser can be used on Saddles and Chests to tame Donkeys and Mules.
– Dispenser can be used on Carpets and Chests to tame Llama.
– Dispenser can be used on Saddles on Pigs and Water Spiders.
– The scissors in Dispenser can only cut one sheep at a time.
– The scissors in Dispenser can now cut Snow Golems and Mooshrooms.

Wandering Trader:

– Wandering Trader will not be able to exchange duplicate seeds

User interface:

– Fixed text reading when in world main screen, language selection and custom controls in settings screen,…

So Emergenceingames.com has fully updated the details of the Minecraft update with what’s new to gamers. However, after this version, readers should also refer to it Minecraft update details 1.20 Latest to update new features, new changes in the game offline. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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