How to enter the code Grand Theft Auto on the XBox

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Use cheat codes GTA on Xbox One, Xbox 360

Xbox in general, Xbox One and Xbox 360 in particular are famous portable video game consoles produced and developed by Microsoft. This is also the gaming system that a lot of people choose to play GTA (street robbery game) very hot action role-playing game today. And just like on the computer, we can also use cheat codes to play GTA, specifically in this article is Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand theft auto V: PlayStation

We used to know how Enter the cheat code from the phone of the GTA character and from the computer keyboard. But not everyone plays Grand Theft Auto using a computer, because specialized gaming equipment will be selected and helps us play better games.

In the article will use cheat codes on Xbox One and on Windows computers for us to easily identify and compare.

How to use cheat codes Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One, Xbox 360

Similar to using the character’s phone in the game to enter codes, Xbox systems can also do it, but instead of using numbers, we will do the following:

GTA cheat command

on Xbox One

GTA cheat code 5

on the computer

← ← LB RB LB → ← LB ← FLOATER No gravitation
SNOWDAY Smooth road effect
Y ← → → X RT RB SLOWMO Slow motion mode
← ← → → ← → XBY RB RT BANDIT Call BMX bikes
BB LB BBB LB LT RB YBY BUZZOFF Call a helicopter
RB B RT → LB LT AAX RB COMET Call sports racing car
B → LB LT ← RB LB LB ← ← AY BARNSTORM Call Mallard planes
RB → ← → RT ← → X → LT LB LB ROCKET Call motorcycle PCJ-600
RT LB B → LB RB → ← B RT RAPIDGT Call Rapid GT sports car racing
BA LB BB LB B RB RT LT LB LB OFFROAD Call Sanchez off-road racing
RT → LT ← ← RB LB B → VINEWOOD Call the car limousine Stretch
B RB B RB ← ← RB LB B → TRASHED Call the garbage truck
Y → → ← → XB ← LIQUOR Drunk mode
→ ← AY RB BBB LT HOTHANDS One punch kill
Y ← → → LT LB X CATCHME Runs super fast
LB RB X RB ← RT RB ← X → LB LB INCENDIARY Fire bullets
← → LB LT RB RT RT ← ← → LB SKYDIVE Take the umbrella to use
RB RB B RT ← → ← → ← → FUGITIVE Increase a wanted level
RB RB B RT → ← → ← → ← LAWYERUP Reduce a wanted level
→ A → ← → RB → ← AY PAINKILLER Immortalized for 5 minutes
B LB Y RT AXB → X LB LB LB TURTLE Full of blood and armor
AAX RB LB A → ← A POWERUP Immediately restores physical strength
LB LT RB RT ← → ← → LB LT RB RT ← → ← → SKYFALL Appears in mid-air (skydive)
X LT RB Y ← X LT → A DEADEYE Slow Motion effect of aiming x4
← ← LB → → RT ← LT → GOTGILLS Swimming at a very fast speed
Y RT ← LB A → Y ↓ X LB LB LB TOOLUP Provide more weapons and ammunition
→ XA ← RB RT ← → → LB LB LB HIGHEX Use explosive bullets
→ ← RB RB RB ← YYAB LB LB FLYSPRAY The plane rolled around


HOLEIN1 Call a golf cart
← ← YY → → ← → X RB RT HOPTOIT Super high jump

Some references:


  • For version GTA game on Xbox, players can not do it through the character’s phone.
  • GTA 5 is upgraded to ensure reasonableness in the game. For example, if you are indoors and you use the command to appear an airplane or a car, of course it will not work.
  • The cheat codes are ineffective when the character is on a mission in the game.
  • Another note, is that in this version, the cheat code will not be saved automatically, meaning that each time you use the command, you are forced to enter that command manually.

Hope the article will be useful and help you get the best game experience with this hottest street robbery game today.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

Updated: June 14, 2017

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