Half-life “revived” with the Legendary Campaign game on the computer

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Although only released for a while, but Campaign Legend has quickly captured the hearts of players, especially those who are passionate about shooting games. This is a role-playing game with sharp 3D images, diverse levels of play and a rich mission and weapon system. Another point is that we can completely install and play the Legendary Campaign by computer if we want.

Download Legendary Campaign for iOS

Download game Legendary Campaign for Android

However, Campaign Legend only has a version for 2 main operating systems, iOS and Android, if you want to play on your computer, users must install a support emulator: BlueStacks, Ddroid4X, Windroy good Nox App Player...

In the previous article, Download.vn introduced to you How to download and play the Legendary Campaign game on the computer Using BlueStacks because this is the most popular Android emulator today, however, this method has a few disadvantages:

  • BlueStacks does not support keyboard when playing Legendary Campaigns -> cause quite a lot of difficulties and inconveniences, making it difficult for users to achieve the best experience.
  • Configuration minimum to be able BlueStacks can be installed high.
  • Game play process Legendary Campaign by BlueStacks is sometimes quite laggy because this emulator uses a lot of machine resources.

To overcome these limitations, we should use Ddroid4X, which is the most professional gaming emulator, not only has a compact installer, the feature automatically changes the interface to best suit. For each different game genre, this emulator also supports users to use the keyboard while playing games, this is the biggest advantage of Droid4X and also a major drawback of BlueStacks.

Step 1: You open up Droid4X, if you do not have this emulator, review the post how to download and install Droid4X on a computer to perform.

Step 2: To enter AppStore and download the Legendary Campaign game as usual.

Game Icon Legendary Campaign

Step 3: From the main interface of the game, you click keyboard icon at the bottom, right hand of the emulator to use the virtual keyboard.

Keyboard icon

Step 4: Click p Keyboard Control turn it over ON mode to activate the keyboard mode when playing the Legendary Campaign game.

Activate keyboard mode to play Legendary Campaigns game

Step 5: We take turns setting up the game’s features, starting with the crosshair. Press Left mouse button on the pink heart icon on the emulator screen, Hold and hover, drag icons touch the circle in the center of the screen (illustration), then release to finish the operation.

Adjust the gun center

Do the same with Icon Shoot (Fire). This is the round button, the largest on the screen, you also click the shoot icon above, hold and drag it to the circle below, release your hand.

Play Legendary Campaigns game with Droid4x

Continue, we left click on the icon moves to the right, a small blue circle will appear.

Play Legendary Campaigns with the keyboard

You assign any key to replace

Press the key to be assigned from the keyboard. For example, here we assign the D key, from now on, to move to the right, just press this key instead of clicking the icon on the screen.

Install the legendary campaign game keyboard

Left-click on the position of the remaining 3 moves to set a note. If the wrong key is assigned, it is possible Right-click and then Delete to delete or Cycle to refill.

Change the key

Do the same with the rest of the icons like: throw grenade, sit down, change gun, reload … then click Save in the top right corner to save it.

Set up the legendary campaign game keyboard

Once setup is complete, we can play Campaign Legends with a much better experience. Press the assigned keys for moving or throwing grenades, shooting will save time and manipulation.


Advantages of playing Legendary Campaigns with Droid4X

  • The installer is more compact, suitable for low-profile computers.
  • The process of playing almost never lag, stutter or freeze.
  • Using the keyboard to move, attack, and change weapons makes playing simpler, more convenient and gives the best experience.
  • To find the target to attack, instead of clicking and dragging the focus to shoot at the object, and then hovering over the fire icon, now just right click and move the mouse to attack, the effect will be much higher.

The emulator can support computer users to install and use Android games and applications, but with software and games that require keyboard manipulation such as Campaign Legend, Droid4X is the choice. perfect. Moreover, playing the Legendary Campaign game with this keyboard will also bring back the feeling of playing Hafllife or Raid.

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