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Any game, regardless of genre, has different classes of characters. The more classes, the more the number of characters in the game, which means the larger and richer the game, and at the same time, being able to know and understand all of the classes they are also much more difficult. To be able to play well, play well, the player must understand and understand how to use this entire character.

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In most games in general, there are always two classes of characters good – evil, representing bad – good, light – dark. Players will choose to use and control one of these two character classes to do the task, overcome the challenges that the game system offers. Clash of Clans is the same, and in this game, groups are divided into three categories as follows:

  • Heroes: 2 characters.
  • Military class created from the normal soldier – Barrack: 10 characters.
  • Army class created from the dark soldier – Dark Barrack: 6 characters.

In this article, we will get acquainted with all of these character classes, and learn about the tasks, as well as how to use them properly and effectively while playing the game. Clash of Clans.

1. Heroes class in the game Clash of Clans:

Army King in the game clash of clans Barbarian King (King):

This is one of the two heroes of the game, this character appears quite early (Town Hall 7). King’s origin was the Barbarian, but thanks to the Dark Elixir he was able to transform into a King with a size greater than a Giant.


  • King is an infantry army, specializing in melee combat.
  • King’s special ability is “Iron Fist”. When activated, this ability will instantly revive a large amount of health. In addition, “Steel Fist” also summons a few other Barbarians up to join the battle and also creates Rage for all Barbarians around him.
  • Defect: King only hit single, so will be very easy to be destroyed by the troops going with large numbers like Barbarian or Archer of the enemy.

Queen's army in the game clash of clans Queen Archer (Queen):

Appearing over King (around Town Hall 9), the Queen is also the Archer (origin) transformed by Dark Elixir.


  • The Queen is an extremely flexible piece that can attack all objects, so it will prioritize hitting the closest targets first.
  • It will also fight back the enemy defenders if they actively attack first or attack on its closest troops.
  • Special ability is Royal Cloak, Queen will recover a relative amount of health and be able to become invisible for a short time if you activate this ability. At the same time, this ability also summons more Archers to join the battle.
  • Unlike King, the Queen’s Royal Cloak ability cannot create Rage for Archers around it.

2. Army Barrack usually in the game Clash of Clans

Barbarian troops in the game Clash of clans Barbarian Army:

This is the first piece that the player can own when playing the game Clash of Clan. The original (level 1) form of the Barbarian is a blond hair and mustache, sword handle. With each upgrade, this shape will change differently from the original.


  • Barbarians have a feature of automatic attack. That is, just see where the enemy will attack, and regardless of whether it is guns, oil or gold coins.
  • Players will lose 25 oil coins for each purchase of Barbarians and take about 15 seconds to “om” them before appearing.

Army Archer in the game clash of clansArmy Archer:

As female soldiers, using bows and arrows as weapons. Archers have pretty sharp eyes, pink hair, and blue skirts. This is the second type of units opened in Clash of Clan.


  • Like the Barbarians, Archer could not identify the target of the fight, where if they encountered an obstacle, they would attack there.
  • The cost of buying an Archer is 50 oil, but it takes about 20 seconds for them to go to battle.

Army Goblin in the game clash of clans Army Goblin:

Goblins are the fourth soldier to unlock after the Giant. Military Goblin has an appearance like a small goblin, with a blue body and pocket on his back.


  • This is the most responsive piece of all the units on the ground.
  • The main target of the goblin attack is the oil resource zones of the enemy.
  • The health of the Goblin army is very low, so it is necessary to combine with other types of troops in combat.

Giant Army in the game clash of clans Army Giant:

Unlocked third in the game Clash of Clan, Giant army also has another name is giant. This name comes from the large body that outperforms the other troops in the game. Giants often have bald heads, beards, and armor.


  • Because of possessing such a bodhisattva’s body, the Giant moves quite slowly.
  • The goal of this group is the enemy’s weapon bases (guns), so players should combine Giants with other troops when robbing.

Military wall breaker in the game clash of clans Military Wall Breaker:

The fifth appearance in the game, players can easily recognize and remember them because of the shape of a skeleton holding a very large bomb.


  • True to their name Wall Breaker – wall breaker, this type of troops will help players destroy the walls of the enemy farm quickly.
  • Unaffected by Jump Spell.

Army Balloon in the game clash of clans Army Balloon:

Is the sixth group to open after the Wall Breaker. Balloon shapes identified with dry skeletons are on the balloon.


  • Use a hot air balloon flying in the air and attack ground targets
  • Balloon although moving slowly, but very effective in combat, especially when combined with other soldiers.

Military Wizard in the game clash of clans Military Wizard:

Highly combatant, but appears quite late in the game (Saturday). These fire wizards can attack enemies from afar with a fireball in their hand.


  • Is the type of troops with the most slow and movement speed in the game.
  • The ability to deal damage is relatively strong, and can strike enemies both in the air and on the ground.

Army Healer in the game clash of clans Army Healer:

Considered a witch in the Light Elixir army. Healer dressed in white, is the 8th army to unlock Clash of Clans.


  • The Sorcerer Army can supply blood to the remaining soldiers while fighting.
  • Has extremely strong attack power, but takes time to warm up and is quite expensive to invest.

Dragon Army in the game clash of clans Dragon Army:

These are special soldiers, with the shape of a dragon, the Dragons fly in the air and attack all the targets in the sky as well as on the ground.


  • Dragon does not distinguish opponents, attacks automatically.
  • It takes a lot of Elixir and time to train.

Military PEKKA in the game clash of clans PEKKA monsters:

The last soldier in the Army Barrack usually. Players can buy PEKKA with red oil, they are equipped with armor and have great destructive power.


  • This is the military with the highest attack power, the most expensive, but the incubation time is also the longest.
  • Can only attack on the ground, can switch from attacking the house to attacking soldiers if necessary.

3. Dark Army Barrack in the game Clash of Clans:

Minion troops in the game clash of clans Minions:

It was the first Dark Barracker to appear. They can fly in the air at high speed and attack by spraying Dark Elixir on their opponents.


  • Is the cheapest, the weakest unit of the Clash of Clans army system.
  • Can attack opponents both in the air and on the ground.

Army Hog rider in the game clash of clans Hog Rider:

A melee soldier raised by Dark Elixir, riding a pig, and using a lightning hammer to attack opponents. Hog Rider will appear Monday at the Dark Barrack.


  • The speed is very fast, cPig can ride over high walls with ease.
  • The priority attack target is the defense system.
  • It takes 2 minutes to create a Hog Rider.
  • The material to create this army is small, but it costs a lot to upgrade.

Army Valkyrie in the game clash of clans Valkyrie:

A female warrior extremely condescending to a weapon is a giant double-edged ax (equal to 1/2 the size of Valkyrie’s body). Also a Dark Barracker, so Valkyrie will easily defeat King and deal massive damage to Heroes.


  • Strong attack power, but only in a narrow range.
  • Time for a Valkyrie oven up to 8 minutes.
  • Cannot attack targets above.

Army Golem in the game clash of clans Golem:

According to legend, this is a giant inanimate stone, but due to an ancient magic, these stones have an extraordinary power. Golem is unlocked when the Dark Barracks reach level 4.


  • This is the most expensive Elixir Dark soldier unit in the game.
  • A Golem usually when dying will split into two tiny Golem (Golemite) and continue to attack the opponent.
  • While defending, if the Golems are split into Golemite and still survive until the battle is over, they will revert to the normal Golem.

Military Witch in the game clash of clans Witch:

These Dark Elixir mages also use magic to attack their opponents. Witch has tremendous power and attacks objects in close range first.


  • Able to summon the dead to attack. The summoned humans will appear as dry skeletons.
  • Attack ground targets with a blue orb.

Army Lava Hound in the game clash of clans Lava Hound:

The last appearances in this Dark Barrack family are considered the Fire Golems, with their favorite target being air defense systems. When attacking will shoot small fireballs at the opponent.


  • In combat, the Lava Hounds’ number one and only target is the Air Defense, indifferent even if they are attacked by other troops.
  • Air Mines are the counterparts of these Flying Golems, they will lose a large amount of health if hit.
  • Similar to Golem, when defending dies, the Lava Hounds will turn into Lava Pup (Golemite) and will revert to Lava Hound if alive after the end of the battle.

So we have just reviewed all the characters in the game Clash of Clans, we know the effects, characteristics as well as how to use them in the game in the most effective way.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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