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Tap kich 650 - Emergenceingame

Assault is a first-person shooter game that is quite similar Truy Click Mobile good Cross fire Legends that previously introduced. But in a certain sense, Tap raid is more attractive and attractive than the other two games.

Although it is a game released for mobile operating systems, we can still through the installation and use of some Popular Android emulator Currently to install and play raid games on the computer.

As in this tutorial, we will use an emulator Droid4X – one of the best emulators for playing mobile shooters on the computer.

Gaming Practice click on the computer

Process Install Game Assault On the emulator is quite simple, you just need to go to the application store to search and download as normal applications or you can look through the tutorial with some other games to do the same. Eg instructions to install and play the game Zombie Tsunami on the computer.

After successful installation and being put into the game, the first interface will look like below. At the first step, you will be name the character name, touch the frame to display the name to choose your own name or click dice icon to get the name that the game will automatically get you. Then choose Come on to enter the game.

RandomGet random names

If you choose to name it as you like, you will see an interface like this, finished naming OK to complete.

NameName yourself as you like

For first-time players, Assault will have a virtual trainer that guides you through every step of the game. Choose Begin to accept this guide or if you are familiar, you can not want to Skip.


The next screen will show you the three main operations, with the first version during the game, which are:

  • Move, direction of movement.
  • Adjust the angle of the shot.
  • Shoot.

The three main, most basic operations of all mobile shooters

The first is adjust the direction of the shot, shooting angle, you use the icon on the right of the screen, move them so that the gun center is directed at the target to attack.


On the left, navigation icon will help you move up and down or sideways, in different directions, not only to attack, but also to change position, dodge enemies and other obstacles in the game.


Shoot icon, help the character release bullets by pressing and holding repeatedly or tapping continuously on it.

Choi Tapkich 5 shoot - Emergenceingame

Some other icons represent important features that the player cannot ignore that is change the gun, change to weapons in use during play.

Change weapons
Click to change to another weapon

Each weapon will have a different number of ammo and a different rate of fire. If the weapon is running out of ammo and do not want to change to another weapon, you can touch reload icon to reload the ammunition for that gun.

Replace bullets

Also, in the left-right corner of the screen are two sitting shot icons and jump upHelp characters and players change tactics, creating surprises while attacking enemies or ambushing, defending.


When you destroy the enemy, the screen will display the details of the character’s name, the weapon used to destroy the enemy, the position of the shot (in the head) on the screen.


Return to the main interface of the game, if you are familiar with the basic operations and confident in your ability, left-click on the icon. Fight (pistol shape) to start joining the room.


Currently, Assault has 5 major game modes, which are:

  • Championship Cup.
  • Rank.
  • PvE.
  • Single match.
  • Duel hall.

Choose any mode you want to join, but if it’s first, the request will put you in the mode section Single match.

Single Match mode is quite simple and suitable for new players

Each major mode has many other small modes inside for players to choose from.


Next, choose Automatic match Let the machine match your own room, or choose one of the 3 levels of play above New ghost, Rookie or Training camp. But because the new participant and the level are low, the player will be limited and can only participate in the new Ma mode.

This is also quite reasonable because you will be playing with people who are at the same level as you, not being inhibited when other players are more proficient.

The game modes will be limited by level

Players will be automatically assigned to one of two groups: League or Rebels (depending on the number of people on the two teams there are, new players will be added for the balance, after that Begin come into play.

Grouping is fully automatic, unless you are the room creator

List of character’s weapons and equipment inventory. If playing a lot, the containers will be displayed with corresponding weapons that players can equip or change to suit themselves and the participating map.

This is where you will equip your own weapons later

Displays character details and a participating map. Includes game time, total kills to win, weapons equipped, map display, character HP and some other symbols that we have just been shown above.


Now is the time for players to use their own training or abilities as well as a good combination of the three basic moves, move – identify object – shoot.


At the end of each level, we will receive the corresponding rewards. These rewards will vary with each game mode, player (by achievement).

The only way to better understand the Raid is that you have to download and experience it yourself, to see why it is so attractive.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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