How to earn diamonds in Minecraft 1.19

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In Minecraft version 1.19, there have been many new changes affecting the ore formation process in nature. Diamonds are also among them. They are the best materials in the game used and make useful tools/equipment in the game. Therefore, earning diamonds in Minecraft is very necessary.

Materials made from diamonds have significantly higher durability and strength than other materials, earning diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 will be the method to help you win this game.

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Tips to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19

How to earn diamonds in Minecraft version 1.19

1. Buried Treasure Chest
– The buried treasure is a naturally created structure. Chests are buried mostly on beaches, and rarely on the ocean floor. You can find buried treasure chests through treasure maps from shipwrecked chests or through cartographer apprentices.

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2. End city
– End cities is a special structure born in the area of ​​The end. This is the Shulker’s living area and also the only place you get an Elytra in Minecraft.

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– Since this is the end of the game area, you can find chests with many of the best items in the game. Diamonds have a 21.2% chance of spawning 2-7 diamonds in those chests. Diamond equipment can also be found in it, which is more useful than just getting diamonds.

3. Nether Fortress
– Nether Fortress is a giant structure and was born in the Nether region. Because the fortress is very massive with many dangerous monsters, it is normal to get lost or die here if you are not careful.

how to find diamond in minecraft 1.19

– There is a 19% chance of 1-3 diamonds in the Nether Fortress chests. You can also find tools and equipment with diamonds in these chests.

4. Ruins of Bastion
– Ruins of Bastion is an extremely dangerous and difficult structure to conquer in Minecraft. This area spawns dangerous monsters and the number is very large. Here diamonds have a rate of 15.8% spawning from 2-6 in the treasure chest.

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– The best way to get the Treasure room is to clear the upper areas when exploring the area then fill the surrounding lava and turn off/close the Magma Cube spawn.

5. Shipwreck
– Shipwreck are structures found mostly in the underwater areas of the Overworld. They are broken ships that can hold hidden treasure chests.

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– These chests have a 14.1% chance of containing diamonds. While finding them isn’t ideal, clearing them up and then locating buried treasure can be beneficial.
With the above methods will definitely help you a lot in earning diamonds Minecraft version 1.19. Helping you get closer to conquering the hot open world sandbox game at the moment.

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