How to get 7 free Arena of Valor skins

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On the occasion of Garena’s 3rd birthday, Arena of Valor Taiwan has launched a series of events, gamers can receive 7 free Arena of Valor skins just by logging in and receiving gifts from events in the game. day.

Moba game on mobile, Arena of Valor has an equally large number of players compared to FPS tactical shooters like Call of Duty or survival game PUBG Mobile. In the coming days, Arena of Valor gamers have the opportunity to own many completely free costumes and generals.

How to get free 7 skins related to mobile

How to get 7 free Arena of Valor skins

– Link to download Android version: Arena of Valor for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Arena of Valor for iPhone

Instructions to get 7 free Taiwan Mobile Arena of Valor skins

On October 6, when Arena of Valor gamers log in to their Taiwan server to play and win any match, they will have the opportunity to own an Invitation Card + Mask. Use them to exchange the optional Skin Chest, the list of which includes extremely attractive champion skins, you can refer to below.

– Superman Injustice
– Master Professor Zuka
– Hell Warrior Nakroth
– Ilumia Snow Queen
– Grakk Redbeard Captain
– Mganga Confectionery Party
– Slimz Jade Rabbit

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In addition, Garena Taiwan also gives gamers a lot of items, equipment, tickets for items other than generals, experience cards, jade pieces …. and many other attractive gifts. There is also an event to give in-kind gifts to super lucky players when they win valuable prizes.

The final deadline of the tri Arena of Valor Taiwan series of events will be on October 13. Gamers who are playing Arena of Valor on the Taiwan server do not miss the opportunity to receive these 7 free Arena of Valor skins.
Recently, Arena of Valor has released a new update form for gamers using low-profile devices, with the Update Mobile Union on Bluestacks help memory resources not be stored much, avoid jerks, lag when playing.

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