Test Viettel network speed, test Viettel network connection

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How much is the upload and download speed of Viettel network and how is the task that we can do by checking the speed of Viettel network through the services that support Viettel network test available on the network.

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With many Internet users today, testing the network speed is no longer a difficult task because there are many services and software that support testing internet speed at the touch of a button. But such services are rarely known to users, especially when testing network speed, network ping is the top requirement to evaluate the quality of an Internet service package. If you know how to test the network speed and ping the network successfully, you will know a lot of important parameters to promptly fix network errors, and change the network bet package.

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Test Viettel network speed, test Viettel network connection

Emergenceingames.com uses a way to test Viettel network speed without using software by services like Speedtest, Speed.io mainly to help all users whether they know or do not know how to test Viettel network speed. doing it yourself is easy, as most of the processes are handled by these services.

1. Test Viettel network speed with Speedtest.net

Step 1: Go to any web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Coc Coc and enter the following website address http://speedtest.net. Press Enter to access the page.

Currently, SpeedTest also has a software on PC called Speedtest for PC and also version SpeedTest for Android so that users can check Viettel network speed anytime, anywhere.

check viettel transmission

Step 2: In the main interface of the software, press the . button Begin Test to start testing Viettel network speed.

You will receive results including two main parameters of upload speed (upload) and download speed (download), plus Ping, an indicator that indicates the latency of the connection. You can also press the . button Test Again to start testing again.

test transmission with viettel

Emergenceingames.com notes that the results can change continuously, so if you want the most approximate parameters, you should choose the night time when the number of users is the lowest to conduct a Viettel network speed test. for sure.

The uploading or downloading parameters are quite complicated and there will be many users who do not know what is an important indicator when testing Viettel network speed, so readers should read the article. network speed test parameters SpeedTest has been introduced by Emergenceingames.com before.

2. Check Viettel network speed with Speed.io

Step 1:First need to check the Internet connection, then go to the website: http://speed.io from the address bar of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

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Step 2: In the interface of Internet speed test service in general and Viettel network speed in particular, you press the button Start Speedtest to start testing network speed offline.

  check the toc of the internet

Click Result to access the Viettel network speed test results page.

see toc due to mang

Report download, upload, ping, etc. speed of Viettel network. With values ​​like Excellent, it means that Viettel’s transmission speed is quite strong and good. As for the Ping index, in general, the lower the better.

Thus, Emergenceingames.com has specifically instructed you how to check the speed of Viettel transmission. Because this is a fairly common method and can be applied to almost all carriers, readers can completely apply the method. test network speed Viettel to serve to check the speed of FPT network or VNPT network.

*Note: Internet connection speed may differ from the theoretical speed announced by the network provider. The main cause is loss of transmission line (30%), computer virus infection (30%), geographical factors (20%), access time (10%) and other factors (10%). ).

The network installation process is due to negligence, so it is inevitable that the network will be slow, to fix the slow network error, most users often contact the provider to find out the cause, but perhaps after knowing how to check the network error. Check the network speed of Viettel, VNPT, FPT, users can know partly the cause of the slow network phenomenon, thereby taking measures to fix the slow network error, or speed up the internet by Internet Cell Boost and Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​software. These are two of the leading software to increase network speed today, besides there are also software that support high-speed downloads by taking advantage of network speed increases such as IDM, for example, install IDM and you You will be able to download movies and heavy applications in no time.

Good luck!

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