Delete IDM download file list, delete downloaded data on IDM download software

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Downloading IDM and installing it on your computer allows you to download multiple data of different formats at the same time. However, downloaded files will automatically be saved in IDM’s queue list, will guide you how to delete that list of downloaded files.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is software that helps you download many different data at the same time regardless of format. Files after being downloaded from the Internet will automatically be saved to IDM’s queue list, which not only makes it difficult for you to control downloaded files and files in the process of downloading, not only that, affect the download speed of IDM.

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There is a small trick to help you delete successful downloads instead of having to search and delete each downloaded file on IDM. That trick will be guided in the article below.

Delete IDM download file list, delete downloaded data on IDM download software

Download IDM software here: Download IDM

Step 1: After installing IDM, open the browser by clicking on the IDM (Internet Download Manager) icon on the Desktop (if during the installation process, you chose to put the icon on the Desktop).

delete file download IDM

Or from the bar Start Menu in the item Search Programs and filesEnter keywords Internet Download Managerthe search results will be displayed right on the screen.

Delete the ear file on IDM

Step 2: There are 2 ways for you to delete successfully downloaded files with this IDM.

Way 1: On the toolbar, select Downloads -> Delete All Completed to delete all successfully downloaded files saved in the IDM list.

delete the list of downloaded files

Click OK for the file deletion process to take place.

how to delete da file download idm

Way 2: Click the icon Delete Complete right on the system bar to delete successfully downloaded files.

how to delete files on idm

After the job of deleting the list is finished, IDM only has files that are still in the process of downloading.


So you have successfully deleted all downloaded files, on the queue list now only the data is still in the process of further downloading. You just need to wait for these files to finish downloading and perform the same operations as above to delete these files.

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