How to download Teamfight Tactics Mobile with Taptap

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Although Teamfight Tactics Mobile has been out for a few days, there are many gamers who cannot download or install games on phones, so Taimienphi offers readers a way, this method ensures Guaranteed to help you play Teamfight Tactics Mobile, 100% success.

Just a few days after its release, Arena of Truth Mobile has become the most searched name on social networks today, there are many tips to guide the download so that players can experience it easily. Taptap is the most effective software to support downloading Teamfight Tactics – TFT Mobile today.

how to use mobile phone bang taptap

How to download and install Teamfight Tactics Mobile using Taptap

Instructions to download and install Teamfight Tactics Mobile using Taptap

The installation operation on both Android and iOS operating systems is the same, so Taimienphi will guide you to do it on Android. Pay attention to follow.

Step 1: First you need to download and install Taptap on your phone, select the appropriate operating system Android or iOS in the link below before clicking. If your phone already has Taptap, skip Step 1.

– Link to download Android version: Taptap for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Taptap for iPhone

Step 2: Start Taptap software on the phone as usual, at the main interface of the input software TFT or Teamfight Tactics (English name of Truth Arena) into the search field.

how to use mobile phone bang taptap

Step 3: A series of search lists appear, click Teamfight Tactics => click Install start installing Teamfight Tactics Mobile on your phone.

how to use mobile phone bang taptap

Step 4: Immediately the system automatically downloads the installation file, after finishing you are asked to install the application on the phone, select Setting => Open when done.

how to listen to DTCL mobile bang taptap

Step 5: Currently, Teamfight Tactics Mobile allows players to log in on 2 forms, using an account Google or account Riot Games game login.
=> See how Create a Tactics Arena Mobile account.

How to listen to DTCL mobile in taptap

Step 6: After successfully logging in, you need to update the Teamfight Tactics Mobile to the latest version => click the icon vestige of VU on the screen.

how to use mobile phone taptap 6

Step 7: And now you can play Teamfight Tactics Mobile on your phone after using the taptap software, change the game mode by selecting 2 swords icon Normal.

How to download DTCL Mobile

Download Teamfight Tactics – TFT Mobile iOS

If you are new to Teamfight Tactics Mobile, then choose the game mode thường, regime Ranked only for those who already know the game’s battle rules, otherwise Tutorial will guide you in detail how to play Teamfight Tactics – TFT Mobile.

Download DTCL Mobile iOS

Likewise, you can download Teamfight Tactics Mobile for iOS with just a few simple steps. In case if you can’t install, an error that can’t be installed means that your phone doesn’t match the requirements. configuration game Arena of Truth Mobile.
– For iPhone phones: Devices from iPhone 6s and above
– For Android phones:
+ Operating system: Android version 7 and above
+ RAM: Minimum 1.5 GB or more
+ Hardware/Chipset: 64-bit
Hopefully with some information and instructions above will bring you many interesting experiences with the strategy game, Auto Battle Arena of Truth Mobile. Good luck reading.

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