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Without waiting, Pokemon fans can play Poke Adventure H5 on all platforms, from Android and iOS operating systems to PC. The game allows you to transform into talented Pokemon trainers and start the journey to conquer the beautiful virtual world.

Immediately after its launch, Poke Adventure H5 attracted a lot of players to download and install, a series of valuable gifts were sent to gamers by NPH through Codes, Event events took place continuously making players unable to leave. .

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Guide to playing Poke Adventure H5 for newbies

Step 1: As mentioned above, Poke Adventure H5 is a cross-platform strategy game and gamers can play directly on PC, Android or iOS => Start the game on the device.

– Link to download PC version: Poke Adventure H5 for PC
– Link to download Android version: Poke Adventure H5 for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Poke Adventure H5 for iPhone

Step 2: As soon as you log into the game, you will be given free Vip 2, 10000 thousand Exp, 100000 Gold and 10 Poke balls. There’s nothing better than receiving a support gift from the beginning.

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Step 3: Currently Poke Adventure H5 has 2 main character classes: male and Female, select and then fill in the blank box above => Click Confirm character initialization.

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Step 4: Next you have a choice between 3 basic Pokemon classes, below is the shape after evolving or upgrading through each stage => Confirm.
– Squirtle: Water-type sea turtle.
– Charmander: Fire Dragon.
– Bulbasaur: Wood-type frog.

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Step 5: Follow the instructions to complete quests, better understand the story, and level up to unlock new functions.

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Every day players get free spins, summon premium Pokemon when playing Poke Adventure H5, if you’re lucky you will get high level Poke.

poke adventure game h5 6

Explanation of the effective, normal, and special skill effects on each Pokemon’s attack.

poke adventure game h5 7

Instructions to level up for each Pokemon so that it is effective, each time the attack index, attack speed, health, defense … are also increased.

poke adventure game h5 8

Lots of freebies every day that require players to complete certain goals.

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Poke Adventure H5 has relatively simple cartoon graphics and not very difficult combat system, those who have not played online games can always experience it without encountering anything. Don’t forget that there are a lot of codes Code Poke Adventure H5 The latest from NPH to readers and gamers, supporting to improve the quality of game product experience.

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